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Defiance Lock-In With GAME Sheffield

Defiance is the exciting new series coming from Syfy this April, and if you’re a fan of the science-fiction channel giant, chances are, you’ve heard of it already. If not, then you’re missing out…
Defiance is set in a post-apocalyptic world, after the Earth suffered through a brutal war with a group of alien races called the Votan attempted to invade. During the war, the Votan used a variety of terraforming weapons that have since turned the earth into a wasteland, as the alien flora and fauna intertwines with our own, creating a new, dangerous landscape. After a long, bloody war, the Votan and the humans come to a ceasefire as both sides realise that it will be easier to work together as they both try to survive in the remains of the Earth, and in a new world. The TV series follows a veteran of the Votan war, Josh Nolan (Grant Bowler) and his adopted alien daughter, Irisa Nyira, as they return to Nolan’s hometown of Defiance, formerly St. Louis and he becomes the lawkeeper, struggling to keep Defiance safe from hellbugs, mutants and much, much worse…
Such an awesome set-up! Grabbed from the @GameSheffield
Twitter account.
The amount of work that’s gone into creating the world of Defiance is absolutely staggering. Defiance will not just be an incredibly detailed TV series, but is the first of its kind; an entertainment medium that combines an active TV series with a massively multiplayer online video game, that effects the series and vice versa. Defiance is an intelligent hybrid that looks set to take over the world in its unique combination and practice, and has already created an impressive fanbase. At this stage it’s hard to tell whether the excitement for the series or the game is higher, as we get closer and closer to the release dates.
However, in the past week, the game is on a tour through the UK, hosting lock-ins in association with GAME, allowing fans to play the game several weeks before its release date, and luckily for me, one of the stops was in Sheffield, where I live. The lock-in was held in a private room of the cocktail bar Vodka-Revolution, where an impressive set-up consisting of 11 PS3s, HD TVs and headphones, so you could really immerse yourself in the game.
What followed was an interrupted two hours of gameplay bliss. I’ve never played on a PS3 before, but I found the controls to be smooth, straight forward and really easy to pick up- there was no complicated button combinations to remember, and it played like your average third-person shoot-em-up. It was fast-paced, action heavy and a rollicking fun ride! I can’t recommend buying this game enough, and it really seems to closely tie into the TV series in a brilliant and unique way. As far as I can tell, Defiance is going to be infinitely popular. I only had to play it for two hours (that went by way too quickly!) to realise this! 


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