The International Geek Girls Pen Pal Club!


What with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and every other social networking site under the sun, writing letters is sadly becoming a dying art. I miss the days when I used to get up in the morning, go downstairs and find a beautifully written letter from either distant relatives or friends on my doormat, and then spending a therapeutic hour replying back in my neatest handwriting, and throwing a treat or two in for the lucky recipient.  
However, the lovely ladies over at the IGGPPC are bringing letter-writing and pen pals back in an explosion of kawaii geekery! The IGGPPC  is ran by the lovely Emily Farquharson, Leslie Stewart, Emma Somerville, and Jen Giammarco, and is focussed on bringing geeky girls around the world together through the writing of letters! So far, the project has proven to be immensely popular, with thousands of entries from girls around the world looking for international pen pals! The ladies have put in an incredible amount of work over the last month to get this project off the ground, and it shows. They have a shiny website where there’s a multitude of discussions for people to get involved in if they haven’t got their pen-pals yet, and the site is very easy to navigate, as well as looking downright adorable. In order to sign up, aside from giving your basic details, The IGGPPC ask that you submit five geeky loves in order to be matched up with a partner, and the system works brilliantly! My partner and I have three out of five loves the same, and we’re bonding over our love of Doctor Who over e-mail, and I’ll be sending her letter out very soon.
My writing supplies!
As soon as I saw this project announced, I was super excited! Aside from writing to my best friend Gina every once in a while, I barely write letters any more (I barely write by hand at all, apart from taking notes in my university lectures!) so I signed up practically straight away, and then went out to buy some super cute writing materials!
The IGGPPC is a brilliant and unique way of getting girls around the world connected and sharing their loves and passions through the beautiful art of letter writing, and if its popularity continues soaring the way it has done, then Emily, Leslie, Emma & Jen are onto a total winner. I for one am incredibly happy to be involved with the project, and look forward to making new friends!

New submissions open on April 15, so be sure to sign up!
The official IGGPPC website is here,  and you can find Emily, Leslie, Emma & Jen on Twitter, as well as on their own blogs & Etsy pages, which you find under the ‘contacts’ part of the IGGPPC site. 

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