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Review of The Way We Write by Rachael Smith

As many of you know, I recently hit up Thought Bubble Sequential Arts Festival. While I was there, I met a lot of new creators, finally met a lot of folk I’d only spoken to online, and picked up some super cool indie comics. Earlier this year, the lovely Rachael Smith  e-mailed me a copy of her new comic I Am Fire and afterwards, we chatted a bit over Twitter, and I gushed over her adorable Tumblr webcomic Ask Flimsy. At T-Bubbz, I finally got the chance to meet her and say hi in person! She is just as lovely as she comes off in her blog, and I picked up The Way We Write, one of her comics I’ve been wanting to read since I first came across her work.
Loosely based on real-life, folk rock group Her Name Is Calla, The Way We Write follows members Tom, Adam and Sophie as they go on a writing retreat to Whitby to work on new material. When they reach the sleepy seaside village and settle into their eerie hotel, they find strange things are afoot. Lovingly illustrated in Smith’s cartoonish style and injected with much of her witty charm and humour, The Way We Write is a cute supernatural comedy.
One of the things that makes reading Rachael Smith’s comics so much fun is that she has such a strong grasp on writing natural and funny dialogue- and it really shows in The Way We Write. Every exchange feels natural, and she even throws in some subtle fourth-wall-breaking comments that fit just as well within the book. The story is straightforward, fun to read and easy to grasp, and each reread gets funnier and funnier.  Drawn in Smith’s cartoonish, cutesy style, it flows quickly and easily, and every character is totally unique, as Smith excells at drawing a range of facial expressions. Not only that, but her backgrounds are just as amusing as the story! 
The Way We Write is a charming tale about writing music, with smatterings of the supernatural. Quirky, cute and charming, it’s the ideal quick read.
You can purchase The Way We Write and more of Rachael’s work from her Etsy store
You can find Rachael on Twitter (@Rachael_) Facebook, and on her blog.

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