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PS4 Lock-In Event with Playtime Sheffield!

As many of you avid gamers know, the Playstation 4 release is almost upon us. The next generation of gaming will usher in some incredible advancements on the already booming industry, and the consoles themselves will have other functions than gaming/expensive paperweights. The PS4 will feature a lot of upgrades on the Ps3, including the usage of Netflix and a better gaming experience, with enhanced graphics and intelligent AIs in the gaming system. The console is already out in the States (Joyce Bautista of HeartGamingg wrote a rundown of the console’s positives and negatives here) to various critical response, but overall, and despite some faults and glitches, it’s pretty good. It’s likely to be my favourite console, as not only is it cheaper than its Microsoft counterpart, it’s got some incredible console-specific releases coming out.
In anticipation of the console’s release in two days’ time, Sony have been doing various lock-in events up and down the country, and I was lucky enough to find one in my city. So, my housemate Daryl in tow, we went out to Playtime in Sheffield this evening for the event. There were four units set up, and each person who came was able to play on of the trial games that were installed on the machine. There was a selection of demos to play, including Super Mother Load, Pinball Arcade, FIFA ’14, Contrast, OctoDad, and Knack. There was also a lot of promotional videos, including hotly anticipated game Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag.
Having read the review for puzzle-platformer Contrast over on Nerdy But Flirty, that’s the game I tried out straight away! Similar to what the review said, it had a gorgeous art style and animation and super easy controls. Despite it being a short demo, I desperately wanted to play more of it! The PS4 controller is less chunky than the Xbox 360 controller (360 is my preferred console, so I’m much more used to it!) and the controls are extremely smooth. The console itself looks super slick, and it was a very fun experience. The graphics are absolutely stunning, and everything looks beautiful. 
Loading screen of Contrast
Daryl, my housemate who accompanied me,  had a fun time playing puzzler Octodad: The Dadliest Catch. In the game, you play an octopus who’s about to get married. But obviously, you’re an octopus pretending to be a human, but you have no bone structure! You don’t want to arouse any suspicious, and so you get around in the world by wiggling and flailing all over the place. It looked like an absolute riot to play, and there was a hilarious Cthulu reference- he was on a stained glass window in the church where you were getting married and you had to take the bowtie off him to put on your tux.
Load screen of Octodad
All in all, Daryl and I had a  great time,  and we both enjoyed playing the new console. I’ve talked Daryl into buying Octodad on Steam, and I came home with a cool new t-shirt and all the more decided that (if I could afford it) the PS4 would be the console for me.
New tee!

2 thoughts on “PS4 Lock-In Event with Playtime Sheffield!

  1. Sounds like you guys had fun! I'm also dying to try out Contrast. I met the guys who made it way back in January where they wowed everyone at the demo event. I'll probably wait a year or two for the PS4. Let them work out the kinks and get a couple more "must have" titles under their belt before they get my money.

  2. Yeah, it was great! Ooh, lucky you- I really want to play more. That's my logic with the new consoles too. I'd rather wait for kinks and glitches to be worked out!


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