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Review of Catlateral Damage

Like cats? Like video games? Like crazy cat antics? Then have I got a game for you.


Catlateral Damage. A PC game which doubles as a cat simulator. Yes readers, you read that correctly. A cat simulator. You play as a feisty feline whose only goal is to cause whole-sale havoc in the best way possible- to knock as many of your owner’s possessions onto the floor and get 100,000 points. It’s simplistic, yet incredibly fun!

With simple controls that are easy to pick up (although I would recommend using a mouse to get the best experience) and smooth movement, this game is simple, but addictive. It’s so easy to sink an hour into playing this game to just try and beat your high score! At first the 100,000 score may seem too much, it’s actually easily achievable once you know what you’re doing.

The fully completed game will have a variety of features, including a variety of levels in the house, and multiple game modes, such as Time Attack and Cat Ops. It’s currently awaiting Green Light on Steam, so if you like it, please help get it made.

catlateral damage

Catlateral Damage is a simple, straightforward game but it’s immeasurably fun. Even in the Alpha stage, the high entertainment factor of the game comes through, and I can’t wait for more. As an owner of a cat who likes wrecking my stuff, it’s super fun to play on the other side. In short: play as a cute but annoying kitty. Wreck stuff. Have a ball of a time.

Play Catlateral Damage  in browser here.

Vote on Steam Greenlight.

Find Catlateral Damage on Twitter and Facebook.

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