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Review of Insert Coin Clothing Resident Evil 4 tee

I own a lot of geeky shirts. Some might say too many, my drawer stuffed full might say too many, but I disagree. A geek, of either gender, can never have too many! However, as many lady geeks know, it can be tough to find ones that fit well, aren’t ‘skinny-fit’ (i.e. skin tight) or are way too big. Half the time I’ve had to buy men’s size shirts, or had to shell out for ladies tees. However, this is where Insert Coin Tees steps in. They sell geeky clothes with amazingly subtle references to video games that really stand out.

Having first seen the amazing Pacman leggings reviewed by the ladies of the IGGPPC, I’ve been eyeing up things from Insert Coin Clothing for quite a while now. When I saw that there was a big sale on, I just had to get something! As a long term fan of Resident Evil 4 (see my friend Lawrence’s anecdotal review of the game!) when I saw that this product had been reduced, I just had to buy it.


I ordered the tee on the 15th, and after getting confirmation that it had been posted on 16th, I received it on the 18th, which was good shipping time. It was also Royal Mail First Class Tracked, so I received an e-mail saying it had reached Sheffield on the Saturday morning. As well as the tee in the package, they also sent me two super cool stickers and a Soul Calibur V art postcard, and they’re all well-made and look awesome.

2014-01-19 14.09.18

As for the tee itself, I ordered it in a Girly L size. Usually I buy tees in medium, but since they were out of stock, I got the large size. It’s a good fit and is baggy where it needs to be, without looking oversized on me. It has full length sleeves (which is a blessing in women’s clothes!) and a loose collar. The material is very soft and quite thick for a standard tee shirt, and keeps me really warm. The design is of very high standard, and looks great.


Overall, this tee is fantastic! It’s a subtle nod to one of my favourite games and fits me perfectly. The unique design is amazing, and looks great. I will definitely be ordering from Insert Coin Tees again!



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