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30 Days of Gaming, Day Four: Guilty Pleasure Game

Day Four: Guilty Pleasure Game


My best friend Lawrence and I play a lot of video games. Some are good (Resident Evil 4, GTA 5) some are less so. It’s the less good games that definitely fall under this bracket of guilty pleasure. How Lawrence came across Don’t Die Dateless, Dummy! is completely beyond me (and I didn’t stop to ask) but it occupied us for a good couple of nights as we laughed about the general weirdness of the game, and secretly had quite a bit of fun playing it.

Don’t Die Dateless, Dummy! is one of those games dredged up from the weirder parts of the Xbox Live Arcade. Independently made, it’s a weird dating simulator wherein you need to find a date, in order to avoid… Well, we’re not particularly sure. Becoming a dateless mega-nerd was what the game proposed, but it wasn’t hugely convincing. The gameplay was ridiculously simple. You picked different dialogue options when you spoke to the various female characters throughout the game, and tried to get dates with them. There were four ending scenarios, which basically just depended on you picking the right options with the girls. The art style was fairly standard Japanese anime style (read as: big boobs errrywhere) and that was pretty much it. Hardly challenging, but downright hilarious. The skeezy dating games on Xbox Live Arcade are pretty much all the same- big boobs, creepiness and good for a laugh.



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