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30 Days of Gaming, Day Six: Most Annoying Character

Day Six: Most Annoying Character

Text: "Underwater swimming costs 400 gems." The creep.
Text: “Underwater swimming costs 400 gems.” The creep.

I’m looking back to my childhood with this one! Those of you who have played Spyro the Dragon: Gateway to Glimmer just KNOW. Yeah, you know who I’m talking about. That flippin’ guy and his stupid moneybags… I mean, that stupid guy, Moneybags.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Moneybags is a minor antagonist in the second Spyro the Dragon game on Play Station One. He’d charge you a ridiculous amount of gems to teach you new skills (okay, learning how to swim and climb walls was pretty handy, BUT STILL) and was a stuffy upper class bear who got more and more annoying as the game went on. As soon as you saw him on the horizon, your automatic response would be: “Aww fuck, not him again.” (Well mine was probably more like “Awww, fiddlesticks” given how old I was, but whatevs) as you prepared to lose all those shiny, shiny gems you’d spent all that time collecting, and handed them all over to that money grabber. Hmmph. Half the time he charged you gems for the stupidest of things, such as opening a door and giving you a password to get past a certain area, which riled me up!

However, when you completed Gateway to Glimmer, collected all the gems, collected all the orbs, took out all the egg thieves and finally unlocked Dragon Shores, Moneybags coughed up and gave you all your gems back. Never has there been a scene in gaming that I was smugger about.


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