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30 Days of Gaming, Day Seven: Favourite Couple

Day Seven: Favourite Couple


People who know me and know my love for Final Fantasy (namely Mattie) know how much I love Final Fantasy X. The amount of hours I’ve put into that game is bordering on ridiculous, and the amount of hours more I plan on putting into it are getting silly… However, that’s nothing compared to how wrapped up I got in the story and how emotionally invested I got in the characters.

Yuna and Tidus are my all-time favourite game couple. They were ultimately doomed from the start, but that did not stop my hope for their relationship throughout the game. Their character development and relationship developments made me ridiculously happy, and when they kissed for the first time in the Macalania Woods, I was ecstatic. Tidus seemed to really care for Yuna, while still knowing what her fate was to be. He would have done anything for that girl, and he made the ultimate sacrifice, which left me crying on my bedroom floor when I’d finished the game.

They were so perfect together, each complementing the others personality and fighting style, but it was not to be. Even the much weaker follow-up, Final Fantasy X-2 managed to portray the depth and substance of the characters. I’ve not found a couple so good together or that I’ve cared about more than these two.

If you’re looking for a dose of Final Fantasy nostalgia (or just some damn good video game music) the complete, four-hour soundtrack of Final Fantasy X is on YouTube, and starts with At Zanarkand.


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