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30 Days of Gaming, Day Nine: Saddest Game Scene

Day Nine: Saddest Game Scene


Based on my answer for favourite couple, I’m sure you can guess what my response will be to this prompt. Some spoilers for Final Fantasy X will follow.

The ending of Final Fantasy X cut me up in ways I didn’t think was possible in a video game. Obviously, I knew what I was getting into, I knew about Tidus’ background prior to completing the game, but I never imagined it could have been so well done. Starting the last boss and fighting Jecht already had me on needle’s edge, but as the fight continued and I had to slay my aeons that helped me along throughout the game, I became a mess. Then, the bombshell dropped. Auron had been dead the entire time, explaining how he was able to help Tidus at the start of the game, and that Tidus himself was just a dream of the Fayth, manifesting as Yuna travelled throughout Spira to go complete the Final Summoning and plunge the land into another period of Calm.

I tend to get pretty emotionally invested in things (TV shows, films, games, comics- I’ve cried over all of them during sad scenes) fairly quickly, but all the more so with Final Fantasy X, and with Yuna and Tidus’ relationship. I’ve already gone over why I like them as a couple so much, but the ending of Final Fantasy X was sadder than anything I have ever witnessed, and as Yuna said “I love you” to Tidus as he faded away, I was in buckets of tears. Whether my emotional reaction was due to the amount of hours I’d put into that game at the time (it’s almost double that now!) and I’d become attached to all the characters and their storylines, or whether I’m just a big sap, I don’t really know!

However, with the release of Final Fantasy X-2 (and that weird alternate ending you got from 100%ing the game) I found that the emotion was lost somewhat. That said, I did play/finish X-2 before properly finishing X, so it could be down to that.

Either way, if I had a PS3 and Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD, I’d happily play the game all over again, and subject myself to heartbreak and the ridiculous emotional journey that game put me through.



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