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30 Days of Gaming, Day Twelve: A Game Everyone Should Play

Day Twelve: A Game Everyone Should Play


The original Super Mario Brothers game. It’s a classic for gamers, and most of us have played it in some way, shape or form, or at least played one of its many successors. Mario has seen so much success over the years, and it’s most likely due to its tried-and-true technique of simple platforming. It can be a tricky game at times, but the controls were so easy to pick up, you didn’t mind it.

Part of Mario’s charm is that it’s so simple. In today’s era of brooding intense games with huge budgets, sometimes going back to basics is hugely fun. In Mario, there’s no crazy graphics (it’d be pretty terrifying if Mario was rendered in the same graphics as Dark Souls, after all!) no crazy story, no complicated controls. It’s just a run, a jump and a power-up of perfection. The story is easy- Mario and Luigi trying to save Princess Peach from the evil Bowser, and constantly being faced with Toad telling you, “Sorry, Mario! Looks like your princess is in another castle!”

It’s regularly believed that Super Mario Bros. is a lot tougher to play than most modern games, which I why I think it’s a game that everyone should play. It may just be a simple, straightforward platformer, but it’s incredibly fun.

If you haven’t played it, there’s an in-browser emulator available here. The amount of hours I’ve put into that through procrastination is not even funny… But I did totally save the princess.


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