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30 Days of Gaming, Day Thirteen: A Game You’ve Played More Than Five Times

Day Thirteen: A Game You’ve Played More Than Five Times


The amount that me and my best friend Lawrence have played Resident Evil 4  on the Play Station 2 is ridiculous. We’ve played it together, alternating on levels (and play styles) dozens of times as it is, but for me, it’s been the game I always play and I always come back to.

I bought it way back in 2009, four years after it came out, which explains why I picked it up at such a cheap price. At the time, I was terrified of zombie games, and was just coming into my Resident Evil/zombie obsession that’s shaped my love of films and games ever since, so I wasn’t too good at it. In fact, the opening freaked out me out so much that it took me almost twenty minutes to reach the first save point! From there, I took it to my friend Robin’s, for one of our many weekend gaming sessions (which involved little daylight and lots of Pop Tarts and Pot Noodles) with our other friend Luke.

Robin and Luke both played the Resident Evil games a lot, and I was pretty much a total noob. I had no idea of the universe, or anything in it. That weekend, we (by ‘we’ I mean Robin and Luke, I just sat back and watched them, scared out of my wits) played through Resident Evil 1 (remake), Resident Evil 2 and then Resident Evil 4. When I went home, they’d ferried me through the Village and the Castle, leaving me to deal with the Island. Shedding my fear, I picked it up, and got through it and had the most amount I’ve ever had playing a shoot-em-up.

After that, it became a staple of my gaming life. Hanging out at Lawrence’s house? RE4. Lawrence at my house? RE4. Bored? RE4. Angry? RE4. I have played the heck out of that game. I know it inside out and back again. I know the locations of the all the treasure. I know the cheesy dialogue by heart.  I’ve probably gone through the main storyline at least 100 times, but I’d gladly do it 100 times more. I also have my own little record on doing it in a speed run, which took me 3 and a bit hours, of which I’m very proud.


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