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30 Days of Gaming, Day Eighteen: Your Favourite Protagonist

Day Eighteen: Your Favourite Protagonist



Those of you who have played the Silent Hill games know that they are dark. Really dark. Nothing is as it seems, death, misery and grieving are often key themes, and their characters are often deeply flawed. They’re some of the best horror games I’ve ever played, and I’m a huge fan of them. However, playing Silent Hill 2 showed me a kind of character development that I hadn’t seen previously in games.. While there is absolutely no doubt that the protagonist of Silent Hill 2 is flawed, it’s the development of James Sunderland throughout the game which makes him one of my favourites.

James Sunderland, still mourning over the death of his wife to an illness, receives a strange letter from her, years after her death, urging him to come back to the holiday venue of Silent Hill. James  drives up to Silent Hill, and that’s when the player takes control of him, and guides him through the many dangers the town has to offer, including creepy monsters, some downright fantastic psychological horror, and highly enjoyable gameplay. The slow discovery of what actually happened to James’ wife, Mary coupled with the mysterious woman Maria and brattish child Laura work in tandem to make James a multi-dimensional, and very troubled character.

While he’s not the perfect example of a man, James Sunderland is definitely one of my favourite protagonists.



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