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30 Days of Gaming, Day Twenty: Favourite Genre

Day Twenty: Favourite Genre


In keeping with my favourite film genre, I’m going with horror. I love being scared, and playing scary video games takes it one notch up than reading a story, or watching a film. You’re part of the process, and some games (like Silent Hill: Downpour, which I have yet to play) claim to take note of how you play and adapt as you go on, changing the scares to make them effective. I like horror games because they’re never the same. You can play a bunch of COD games and they’ll all be the same, but horror games to me are different, and I find they pull you in so much more.

One of my favourite scary games (aside from Resident Evil and Silent Hill, the classics) is Slender: The Arrival. Spawned from an infamous meme on 4chan that went rogue, Slender: The Arrival is, at its heart, an incredibly simple game. Set in the deep woodlands of America, you’re tasked with finding seven notes, which hold some clue as to the whereabouts of your missing friend. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Wrong. You play from first person perspective and are equipped with a torch which fades over time. Each time you play it, the layout of the forest is slightly different, so no two games are the same. On top of that, you’re being hunted by Slenderman himself. It starts off fairly innocuous, and you’ll just see him stood near trees away off in the distance. However, the more notes you pick up, the more aggressive he gets, until either you get the final note or he gets you, in what is usually a pretty startling jump scare.

It’s a super fun PC game, and if you’re a horror-buff like I am, then you’ll love it too. At some point in the future I plan on playing Slender and recording my responses, so you may have that to look forward to!


As a little caveat, this sums me up quite well:



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