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30 Days of Gaming, Day Twenty Two: A Game Sequel Which Disappointed You

Day Twenty Two: A Game Sequel Which Disappointed You


SIGH. Resident Evil 6 disappointed me in more ways than I though possible. Where was the survival horror? The creepiness? The nigh-impossible puzzles? Gone, and replaced with action, frustrating  button combinations, and a shitload of new characters.

On the plus side, I did actually like the fact that the tank controls were gone, and that you could do melee attacks which didn’t require weapons. But, other than that… I was bored and unimpressed. The story seemed pretty stupid and nonsensical, with too many new characters and too many bad decisions in terms of story. Sure, it was great that you could play as a bunch of new characters. Three playable female characters? Great! But their stories were pretty lame. Obviously Sherry hooked up with Jake, because reasons. It seemed pretty boring to me, and the social stuff between characters seemed way over-dramatised when it should have just been about the zombies. This may well be the diehard fan in me talking, but it barely seemed like a Resident Evil game to me at all.

It was the controls that annoyed me the most though. Yeah, the tank controls were gone, but so was any certainty of movement. Aiming became such a bitch in RE6. So did moving. It was fluid, yes, but TOO fluid. I liked the idea of having a hot-button inventory, but the system for herbs/pills/whatever they were was stupid. You had to hotkey them yourself once you’d ran out? Seems kinda pointless to me. Don’t even get me started on the ridiculous real-time button pressing. Climbing up that goddamn rope as Leon and Helena took an age, because the explanation simply wasn’t clear enough, a common problem throughout the game.

It felt like Resident Evil was trying to be some sort of hybrid of zombies and Gears of War. For a diehard fan of the survival horror roots of the game, I was left hugely unimpressed. Give me the remake of Resident Evil 1 over this disaster any day, or let me play Gears of War instead. At least that way I can pretend half of what happened in RE6 didn’t happen. Ugh.


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