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30 Days of Gaming, Day Twenty Five: A Game You Plan On Playing

Day Twenty Five: A Game You Plan On Playing


I’ve heard so damn much about Mass Effect in the last couple of years, which is mostly a combination of hanging around a lot of gamers and having access to a lot of great blogs, and of course, Tumblr. In short, I’ve heard that this game is one of the best sci-fi shoot-em-ups/RPGs out there, and is definitely worthy of my time. I’ve heard about the amazing, absorbing story lines. The awesome dialogue options. The crazy romance options. The totally badass weapons. The extensive amount of side characters you can have in your team. BioWare have more or less cornered the market on darn cool games, and from what I’ve heard, Mass Effect is no different.  An expansive, sci-fi world? Sign me up!

Aside from all the general awesomeness I’ve heard from around the Interwebs (my friend Mariko wrote a pretty ace blog about Mass Effect/Fem-Shep on her blog Gamerwife) and my friend’s thoughts on the game series, the other reason I want to play this game is that my boyfriend is a huge fan of the series. In fact, huge is a bit of an understatement. On the online multiplayer side of Mass Effect 3, he was among the top 5% of players. He knows the games inside out, and will happily spend hours replaying them, and enjoying the epic gunfights and story all over again. He’s hugely picky when it comes to games, so if he loves Mass Effect this much, it must be pretty awesome.

Once I’ve finished Fallout: New Vegas (which should be pretty soon) I plan on starting Mass Effect and starting something amazing…



2 thoughts on “30 Days of Gaming, Day Twenty Five: A Game You Plan On Playing

  1. Yay!! You MUST play Mass Effect! The first one is pretty dated by now, but if you can swing it, start there so you can play with the same character through all three games. I can’t wait to hear who your favourite characters are.


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