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30 Days of Gaming, Day Twenty Six: Best Voice Acting

Day Twenty Six: Best Voice Acting


I must confess. When I play video games, I very rarely pay much, if any, attention to the voice acting. Unless the voice acting is particularly awful (Hello, Resident Evil!) I don’t care all that much, even with games that are RPGs, like the Final Fantasy series, or Fallout 3/ New Vegas. The only time I notice anything in particular is if I notice a voice from somewhere (like Felicia Day in Fallout: New Vegas, or Mark Hamill in the Arkham series)

Again, this is where my best friend Gina steps in, wielding a Portal gun and telling me that the cake is a lie. She’s a huge fan of the Portal games (as I outlined in one of my previous posts) and brought this love to me, by playing Portal 2 with me solidly over the Easter weekend. First of all, I noticed that Wheatley, the robot that helps you at the start of the game was voiced by comedian Stephen Merchant, and then I noticed the voiceing of GlaDOS, by Ellen McLain. Both of the characters were voiced in such an honest, good way, and it made the gaming experience so much more fun. The characters were believable (or about as believable as evil robots can be!) and it made so much more fun to play.



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