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30 Days of Gaming, Day Twenty Four: Favourite Classic Game

Day Twenty Four: Favourite Classic Game



Tetris is the ultimate in classic gaming for me. I still have my Game Boy cartridge tucked away with my Game Boy Colour, I have a game app on my phone, and I’ve sunk a hell of a lot of time into the game on Facebook. I’ve suffered from The Tetris Effect more than once in my life (and more than once in a week) and have regretted nothing. Organising all those little blocks is just so ridiculously addictive, regardless of whether you’re playing an 8-Bit version or Tetris Splash on Xbox 360.

I love Tetris because it’s ultimately an extremely simple game- stack coloured shapes at varying speeds to win points. It’s such an incredibly simple thing, and yet it can be incredibly complex and hugely addictive. The game itself is very close to my heart as I’ve been playing it for years, and will likely continue to play it for years. Add in the stupidly addictive theme tine (this guy has done an awesome a capella cover) and you’re onto a winner.




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