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30 Days of Gaming, Day Twenty Eight: Favourite Game Developer

Day Twenty Eight: Favourite Game Developer


Yeah, yeah, Bethesda have their problems. Their games are often rife with bugs (see my screenshot in an earlier post) which can, in some cases break your game… Which totally sucks. Thankfully, I’ve never been victim to any of the particularly bad bugs, and all I’ve lost is a few hours here and there. However, it’s never put me off. I’ve been annoyed, told myself to save more often, and then got back on it. Thank god for autosave, right?!

But still, the stories and the gameplay in Bethesda games have gripped me like nothing else has. Most of the games I’ve played extensively over the last few years (by which I mean, games that I’ve put 100 hours plus into) have all come from Bethesda. Out of my gaming friends, the main games that they have played have come from Bethesda , with Skyrim being a favourite among everyone I know.

My most anticipated summer release (The Evil Within) is from Bethesda, and I’m still waiting with baited breath on news of Fallout 4. I know that Bethesda have difficulties and many, many bugs (my boyfriend’s given me an extensive guide of some the best ones from Skyrim) but I’m willing to overlook them because I love their stories so darn much.




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