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30 Days of Gaming, Day Twenty Seven: Most Epic Scene Ever

Day Twenty Seven: Most Epic Scene Ever

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This was such a hard one to choose. There are so many epic, amazing moments in gaming that I’ve been through and it’s so hard to choose just one. Do I pick James Sunderland’s realisation of his past in Silent Hill 2? Do I go with the fighting the fake president in Final Fantasy VIII? The crazy last boss in Doom? Heck, it’s so darn hard as there are so many amazing moments in gaming that I’ve experienced, and I have so many more to come.

I decided that for this prompt, I’d go back to basics. Like way, way back to basics. As a kid, I used to play Pokémon Blue pretty much religiously. Several hours every day, at least. Looking back, I don’t even know what I did with my time after I beat the Elite Four for the umpteenth time. I know that I’ve put at least 100+ hours into it, and that I’ve scoured every single part of the map, fought every single trainer, every gym trainer, and caught nearly every Pokémon (as an only child with not that many friends who also played Pokémon, I couldn’t quite get the last few that required a trade!) and learnt more or less every dialogue option by heart. I knew about Missingno, caught him, and heard all the urban legends about them.

However, none of these are quite my most epic scene ever. My first and most epic scene in gaming was when I beat the Elite Four, and then my rival for the first time. At the time, my six-year old self hadn’t finished that many games, and so the chance that I was about to finish a game for the first time was electric. After struggling to get through Victory Road, fighting all the high level Pokémon there, beating the last few trainers on my way out, I finally made it. Indigo Plateau, the final five trainers that were stood between me and victory. The tinny music coming out of my GameBoy speakers only upped the intensity and made the final bunch of battles all the more awesome, and by the time I had reached my rival (named Ben, after a kid I didn’t like at school) and finally took out his Blastoise with my Zapdos, I was positively shaking with excitement. Being able to beat the Elite Four for the first time on my own (my childhood best friend/housemate Robin helped me out a lot!) became the most epic scene for me, and I remember it fondly.



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