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30 Days of Gaming, Day Thirty: Your Favourite Game of All Time

Day Thirty: Your Favourite Game of All Time


I’ve put a lot of time into a lot of games, and I would consider a lot of them my favourites. Going right back to my childhood, I’d include Pokémon Blue, Tetris, Spyro the Dragon, Final Fantasy VIII, and much more among them. I’d also include (or at least give an honourable mention to!) Okami, the Resident Evil franchise (okay, maybe not the later ones…) the early Silent Hill games, Tekken, Soul Calibur… But out of all the games I’ve played in my life so far, I think it’s gonna be a Bethesda title for my favourite.

While not the glitch-tastic Fallout: New Vegas, I’m gonna go with Fallout 3. I started playing it after I watched my Dad play it for hours on end, and then claim that he hadn’t played a game that had engaged him that much since Final Fantasy VII (in case you hadn’t noticed by now, gaming runs in my family!) and after falling in love with the radio station/Three Dog the post-apocalyptic vibe of the game and the creative weapons and in-jokes, I was SOLD.

Cue the first year of college, and a lot of late nights. I’d sit down at 8PM once I’d finished my chores/revision/procrastination, and play it for hours. I got so involved with the story and the characters and all parts of the game and very quickly racked up a high play time. I’ve dedicated many hours to that game, and I love everything about it. Even better, I get to experience it all over again, since the old account I used to play is inaccessible.



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    1. Hey! I’ve been super busy recently and moved house! I’ve been without internet for a while but I plan on getting back on the blogging train very soon!


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