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30 Days of Gaming, Day Twenty Nine: A Game You Thought You Wouldn’t Like, but Ended Up Loving

Day Twenty Nine: A Game You Thought You Wouldn’t Like, but Ended Up Loving


This one’s pretty tricky, as I’m usually really strict with myself about what games I play. I make a point of knowing at least something about them before I buy them, that way I know I’m not wasting my money! I also have a tendency to stick to franchises, studios and game makers which I know I’m a fan of. I borrow games off my friends and housemates pretty regularly, so that way, if I wind up playing something I don’t like, I haven’t wasted my money, or too much of my time.

However, this is where Resident Evil 4 comes into things. I’ve mentioned before on this challenge about how much I love this game and how much I’ve played it, but at the time, I wasn’t sure how much I’d like it, if I did at all. At the time, I’d only just gotten into the Resident Evil series at all and just wanted part of the franchise that I could play on the console I had. At first, the game terrified me! It took me twenty minutes to get to the first checkpoint because everything scared me so darn much! At that point, I had no idea how much time I’d put into the game, or how much I’d wind up loving it. I’m eternally grateful that Robin introduced me to the series, and I’ll continue to play the games, no matter how bad/annoying they get…




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