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5 Fandom Friday: Characters I Would Love to Dress Up as for Halloween

Huzzah! I’m finally able to make a post for Kristen (SuperSpaceChick) and Megan’s (The Nerdy Girlie) blog link-up project! I’ve missed the last two weeks as I’ve been elsewhere, but I’m super excited to jump on board for this.

I love Halloween. I love it so, so much. It’s not really that big of a deal in the UK though. You get the themed club nights, you get the parties, and of course, you get the costumes and sweeties. Kids trick or treat, but rarely over the age of 10. Last year I spent Halloween hanging out with my friends Gina and Charlotte and watching a frankly dire burlesque performance, and eventually going to a bar ad drinking cocktails like fancy ladies. I’ve been to Halloween/dress up parties, but I’m never anything more exciting than a cat (whiskers drawn on with eyeliner for the win!) and there are tons of characters I’d love to dress up as for a Halloween party…

  • Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time


Most people who know me know that I ADORE Adventure Time. I’ve got graphic novels, figures, t-shirts and made most of my friends watch it and love it. I actually bought a blonde wig with the intention of cosplaying as Peebers one day, but I never did, and the wig is still sitting in my wardrobe. I love P-Bubbz because she’s sweet, smart and sassy when she needs to be. Her entire kingdom is super cute candy and it suits me right to the ground! I’ve seen internet queen ALBinwonderland do an amazing Princess Bubblegum cosplay and I’d love to replicate it. However, if I get invited to a Halloween party this year, I may well have to dress up as her…


  • Ash from The Evil Dead Trilogy


I have a mega soft spot for horror films. Whether it’s because I grew up reading and watching Goosebumps and pretty much any other creepy story I could get my hands on, as an adult, I have an undying love for horror films. I watched the Evil Dead Trilogy for the first time two years ago and I completely fell in love with how brilliant the films are. I prefer the second film to the first one mostly because it’s more like comedy-horror and Bruce Campbell does some of the best and funniest body acting I have ever seen! Not only that, the film is packed with hilarious one-liners and Ash’s costume is a classic. Plus, it’d be a super easy costume to get together! I’ve seen an amazing pin-up, female cosplay version of it and it is gorgeous.


  • The Lone Wanderer from Fallout 3


I have played Fallout 3 a lot. My old save file had something like 130+ hours game time, and I consider myself to be a big Fallout fan. I haven’t played the original games yet, but I’d still consider myself to be a pretty big fan. I love the post-apocalyptic open-world exploration in the games. I’ve played New Vegas as well (with roughly the same amount of playtime) but I much prefer Fallout 3, partially because there’s less glitches. I love the story in Fallout 3, and how everything unfolds bit by bit, as well as the amazing 40s/50s music. As much as I love New Vegas, Fallout 3 was my first Bethesda love and so I’d love to dress up as the Lone Wanderer, Pip-Boy and all.


  • Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter book series


Harry Potter was my first fandom. I fell utterly, hopelessly in love with the books when I was a kid, and it’s partly what contributed towards my love of books and the speed at which I read them now that I’m an adult. When Order of the Phoenix came out, I spent the entire summer sat on my doorstep re-reading the books. When I first came across the character of Luna, she was so quirky and funny and adorable I instantly fell in love. I was one of the ‘weird kids’ at my school, so I identified with her a lot. I’ve been a complete Potterhead from the ages of 7-15 she became my literary hero, only just beating out Hermione Granger.


  • Classic Jean Grey from X-Men


Given that my blog is called Comics and Cookies I figure I should include at least once comic book character! I did actually dress up as a casual Kitty Pryde to a fancy dress party a few years ago, but now, I’d rather go Jean Grey. Especially classic, 1960s Jean Grey. That iconic green dress! The yellow belt! The hair! All of these things are what make her a classic. That, and the fact she was one of the most powerful X-Men in the original line-up. Sure, Cyclops could shoot lasers from his eyes, but Jean Grey could move things with her mind, read minds and more. Sure, the whole love story between the two got extremely convoluted, and in the whole Emma Frost vs Jean Grey thing I am so on Emma’s side, it’d still be cool to dress up as Jean, and you can get some really cool themed dresses from We Love Fine.

So what characters would you like to dress up as? Tweet me or comment below!



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