Ariellalphabet's Week

Ariellalphabet’s Week: Last Minute Cosplay Prep and MCM London!

This week has been crazy. I’ve had a job interview (fingers crossed!) travelled halfway across the country (more or less) and prepared for a cosplay at literally the last minute. I’ve also been watching the anime Paradise Kiss and playing the usual amounts of World of Warcraft. I’m a little behind on posts, but I have so, so many coming up over this week. Most of them are con-related, but there’ll be the usual comic reviews and I have a big Confessions of a World of Warcraft Noob post coming up.

I had class on Monday, but skipped out of the screening. This week’s film was Halloween, which I’d seen a bajillion times before, so I decided to stay at home. I’ve also been hard at work on my script outline and ideas for it. I have most of my idea fleshed out, but it still needs some tweaking. I’m looking forward to actually starting it and beginning my writer’s circle with my university friends. Our ideas are so varied and diverse, it’s always interesting getting together and chatting. I had an interview for a job this week, and hopefully it went well. Aside from a panic about my skirt breaking before I left, I feel it went really well. Hopefully I’ll have a job this time next month!

I am always last minute getting things together. Christmas presents, birthday presents, and now, apparently cosplays. I’ll never learn. My best friend Gina and I cosplayed as Cecil and Carlos from radio podcast Welcome to Night Vale, and despite the fact that there are very few physical descriptions of either characters given, Gina and I still had our own ideas for what the characters looked like. By the start of the week, I had three items for the cosplay, which soon dropped down to two after my skirt broke. By Thursday, when I went to Gina’s to go down to London, I had everything! I managed to get a black wig (Thank you Black Candy Alternative Fashion!) a lab coat, a name tag (which I promptly forgot) a new skirt, and a clipboard. Thankfully, Royal Mail had my back for once and everything turned up in fantastic time. Overall my cosplay turned out pretty good and I was recognised by more people than I thought! I put a bit of a feminine twist on Carlos and I’m glad it worked out so well. There will be many more pictures to follow in my MCM post, but in the meantime, enjoy this selfie I took in the hotel mirror:#


I spent the entire weekend in the capital of England, the lovely Laaahnndann for MCM! Aside from some issues actually finding our hotel, it was amazing. Our hotel was right around the corner from the ExCeL building, and there was a Tesco Express and a few pubs on the way, so we never had far to go if we wanted snacks. We arrived at about half one on the Friday, and after we’d checked into the hotel and freshened up a bit, we headed out to join the epic queue of doom to get our wristbands. The Friday was really quiet and a lot more relaxed, and I spent my time scoping out things I wanted to buy, and only bought a book from the Cyanide and Happiness guys, and got a custom sketch. I’ll be writing more about MCM in a later blog, but it was ah-mazing. I saw some incredibly cosplays, bought some epic loot, and probably walked several miles. I had an absolutely amazing weekend, and Gina and I plan on going again in May. Hopefully I can do a better cosplay and actually get it together in plenty of time.  We’ll see!

Gina and I as Cecil and Carlos
Gina and I as Cecil and Carlos
My con haul! Mostly made up of cosy hoodies and nerdy tidbits!
My con haul! Mostly made up of cosy hoodies and nerdy tidbits!


In the meantime, here’s this week’s posts:

Edward Scissorhands #1 Review 

Bee and Puppycat #5 Review



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