5 Fandom Friday

Five Fandom Friday: Favourite Halloween Candy!


Here in England, Halloween isn’t a massive deal. Unless you’re a kid under ten who can go trick or treating or you’re old enough to go out to nightclubs for all the themed drinks and costume contests, Halloween tends to just roll past, interrupted by the odd trick or treater. I’ve been trick or treating twice in my life, and I didn’t really enjoy it that much either time. However, now I’m an *cough cough* adult, I can buy my own treats! So, Without further ado, here are five of my favourite Halloween treats:

1.) Spooky Gingerbread



I LOVE gingerbread sooo much. I could honestly just eat it all the time. Most supermarkets in Britain sell gingerbread men/shapes year round, usually seasonally themed, but it’s the Halloween-themed ones I love the best. Spoopy ghosts? Tesco have got you covered. Bone-rattling skellingtons? Sainsbury’s sell ’em! However, this year I wasn’t able to buy up gingerbread goodness, but thankfully my friend Amy (who is an epic baker!) made some gingerbread headstones and ghosts and shared them out at university. It was so good!

2.) Krispy Kreme Halloween donuts


This year, for the first time ever, I had Krispy Kreme donuts. I’m lucky enough to live near a big shopping centre which has a Krispy Kreme stand, and when I visited recently, I was able to pick up a Halloween themed one. It was a ‘Trick or Treat’ flavour, and you’d get either chocolate truffle in the centre or lime. I got the lime and it was so delicious! When Halloween rolls around next year I plan on stocking up on those bad boys!

3.) Chocolate and/or toffee apples


These have been a childhood favourite of mine. I really love apples (I’ll be a Shinigami before I know it!) and the combination of sweet, sticky toffee or yummy chocolate is absolutely perfect. I would buy and eat these all the time if I could! Maybe next year I’ll finally make the jump and make my own…

4.) Haribo Tangfastics


I know, I know. Tangfastics are available all year round, but they’re so yummy I just had to include them on my list! They’re simultaneously sweet and sour, and I could just eat them for days and not realise it! Haribo make the best sweets, and Tangfastics are the best of the best.




I have always, always loved Smarties, ever since I was a little girl. My Grandma would always be a big tube at Christmas, and I’d usually eat them all that day! Smarties were always my choice of sweets at any given time throughout my childhood, and I always get tempted to pick them up again now and enjoy some sweet candy nostalgia!

What are some of your favourite Halloween treats? Let me know in the comments section!



14 thoughts on “Five Fandom Friday: Favourite Halloween Candy!

  1. I’ve always been too chicken to try a toffee apple. I’m always so afraid I’m gonna chip a tooth like Gob on Arrested Development. But great list! Love the skeleton gingerbread man idea!

  2. Those gingerbread skeletons look adorable. I want to try doing that at home. I am not used to seeing some of those sweets in the US. Like I have never heard of Tangfastics.

    I actually learned this year that several people don’t like one of my favorite candies. Dots! Which means more dots for me. Mwahahaha

    1. I thought Haribo were pretty well known! I’m surprised you haven’t heard of them.

      I had to google Dots, but they look delicious! Kinda like a candy called Midget Gems in the UK.


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