Confessions of a World of Warcraft Noob

Confessions of a World of Warcraft Noob #3

Welcome to my latest post in my Confessions of a World of Warcraft Noob series! I’ve made up for not playing much last week and there have been two big things happen recently…


First of all, I managed to hit level 87 this week, gaining five levels since my last post, and completed all the quests in Mount Hyjal. Every single one. It feels like it took a long, long time, but the hours just melted away every time I logged in and did more questing. I’ve been able to get hugely better gear for myself while I was there, as well as understanding how to play a bit better. A lot of the games I play mostly just require button mashing in order to survive (Tekken, Soul Calibur and Diablo 3 to an extent) but there’s a lot more thought that goes into World of Warcraft, especially as a damage warrior. I’ve been looking at my spell books, cast times and effectiveness a lot more this past week, and it’s paid off. I’ve noticed enemies dying a lot quicker and I’ve been surviving longer, relying less on potions.

Screenshot 2014-11-03 00.00.40
Level 82 stats, just finishing Mt. Hyjal
Screenshot 2014-11-02 16.02.04
Screenshot 2014-11-02 16.18.27
One of the big bosses I fought, and the first I fought on my own.
Screenshot 2014-11-02 16.57.24
This quest made me giggle so much. Mylune was so adorable!

Screenshot 2014-11-02 19.58.05

Once I handed the last quest in Mount Hyjal in and went back to Orgrimmar, I was then directed through The Maelstrom, and into content from the Cataclysm expansion. Again, I was hugely impressed with the look of the areas and totally shocked when I was flown by the Maelstrom itself. However, upon reaching the Jagged Earth and picking up a few quests, I realised that I wasn’t getting that much EXP from the monsters or quests there. At this point, I was level 84 and was surviving everything easily, taking out monsters easily, so Boyfriend Wonder Iain recommended I go to Grommash Hold and go to Pandaria, aboard Hellscream’s Fist.

Screenshot 2014-11-02 20.28.57
This was an amazing moment
Screenshot 2014-11-02 20.30.33
Everything was so pretty here.

Screenshot 2014-11-02 20.32.51

When I got there, I was met with a very unpleasant surprise; because I wasn’t level 90, I couldn’t fly on my mount! My main method of exploring is by jumping on my mount, flying around and admiring the scenery. I received a very hard landing when I eventually reached Pandaria! After facing off against the Alliance, I realised that all of the enemies and monsters in Pandaria were a lot harder than anything else I’d fought before. I’m also getting more into the story of this expansion, so I’m really enjoying the character interactions between the Horde generals (and beginning to realise how much of an angry dick Garrosh is, not just in the raids!) and with meeting the new race of Pandarens. The division between Alliance and Horde is becoming a lot more obvious, and I’m pretty damn happy to be a member of the Horde! Darn Alliance folk, causing trouble. Anyway, all annoyance and side-eye directed at the Alliance aside, I’m absolutely loving the new area. Enemies are hard to fight, drop good stuff (when it isn’t intellect/stamina all the damn time) and I’ve picked up tonnes of experience from simple things like finding Pandaren treasures.

Screenshot 2014-11-02 22.14.24
Aboard Hellscream’s Fist. I couldn’t help myself from sitting here!
Screenshot 2014-11-03 00.00.40
Wém at level 85, shortly after I started in Pandaria.
Screenshot 2014-11-02 23.51.42
This was a fun quest to do.

Something I’ve noticed in my current area (the Jade Forest) is that the missions are a lot different. It’s not just kill x enemies and pick up x item, or kill x. While there is still some degree of that, some of the other missions have been more. I completed three recently where I had to relive a group of Horde and Hozen officers’ scouting mission, and it was great fun! As well as that, there’s been picking up and listening to Lore from the Pandarens, as well as investigating the area itself.

Screenshot 2014-11-04 21.43.13
Exploring. That update message came at the worst time.

Screenshot 2014-11-04 22.16.17

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen that on Wednesday night, I was doing dungeons. On my own. And was terrified. Normally when I go through dungeons, I have Iain, Daryl and occasionally Joe helping me, so I never get stuck, rarely die and get told where to go and who to kill. On Wednesday night, Iain had gone to bed early, Daryl was playing Destiny on his Xbox, and Joe was watching streams so I was completely on my own. The reason I ended up doing dungeons is because the world sever for Pandaria was down. I was just running along, doing quests when all of a sudden, I was back on the character select screen. I’m used to getting randomly thrown back to the character select screen, so didn’t think anything of it… Until I ended up in Orgrimmar and read Trade Chat. Normally, Trade Chat is a hub of weirdness, guilds recruiting, and the odd trade, but it was from there I learned the server was down and no one could get in. I was stuck; what could I do? I wanted to carry on playing, building levels and getting gear, but nowhere was high enough level for me. I flew around Kalimdor for a while and then it hit me, like an Alliance sharpshooter: Dungeons. They gave damn good EXP (hence why I got to level 82 so quick!) dropped some ace gear (although Iain gave me a full Ghost-Forged set, it’s always good to try for new stuff!) and were generally quite fun. I flew back to Orgrimmar, said, “fuck it!” and joined the queue.

*done. Autocorrect on my phone rears its ugly head again.
*done. Autocorrect on my phone rears its ugly head again.

About ten minutes and two-and-a-half Lana Del Rey music videos later, I got the notification that a random Pandaria dungeon had been found for me, so I jumped into the Shado-Pan Monastery and hoped for the best.

Screenshot 2014-11-05 22.49.28 Screenshot 2014-11-05 23.08.05

Everything was really, really tough and I had no idea what I was doing. At all. In the slightest. I hadn’t done any of the Pandaria dungeons with the guys so I didn’t even know the basics, and I just stuck to following my other team members around. I only died twice (one time is because I was way, way too slow getting out of the way of the big bosses spin attack) but once I knew what I was doing, I was able to get the hang of it, and was able to more or less keep up with my dungeon team. I levelled up to 86 while I did this dungeon, and got some good gear too… Even if the vast majority of drops were intellect/stamina.

After I dropped back to Orgrimmar, sold my bits and pieces that I needed rid of, I queued up the dungeon finder again, put some more Lana Del Rey videos on, and began waiting. This time, I wasn’t waiting very long, and joined a dungeon in the Stormstout Brewery. The team that did this dungeon were a lot more chatty and friendly than the last one. Yeah, we might have wiped on the final boss ‘cuz we didn’t realise to kill the adds straightaway, but it didn’t feel like a total failure. We regrouped, killed Yang Zhu the Uncasked in pretty quick time, got our loot and EXP, said goodbyes and left. It was a really fun dungeon, partially because it was extremely linear (there was no wondering where I was going, or wondering where the rest of the team was) the team was pretty good, and it was quite funny. When are drunk pandas ever not funny?

Screenshot 2014-11-05 23.41.37

Now that the Pandaria world server is working again, I’ll be jumping back online  tonight. As always, I’m on the Chamber of Aspects server, and you can send me a message if you’d like my BattleNet ID.

Lok’Tar Ogar! Until next week!




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