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Contest Winner: Sailor Moon Jewellery Set from Geek Chic Style Guide

At the start of October, I entered a giveaway hosted by the lovely ladies over at Geek Chic Style Guide to win some awesome Sailor Moon related jewellery, and to my surprise, I won second prize! I was allowed to pick one Sailor Scout-related/themed jewellery set and I went with the Sailor Moon one. I was super tempted by the Sailor Mercury one too! I was really surprised that I won, given that my luck with competitions and giveaways is usually absolutely terrible. After I supplied the girls with my shipping info, the waiting began. Sad to say, but I’m quite impatient when I’m waiting for things to come in the post, especially awesome things like the jewellery set! I was like Bart in the episode of The Simpsons where he keeps asking the postlady, “Where’s my spy camera?”! It finally arrived on Thursday and I was over the moon.

2014-11-06 16.37.18


The necklace is the cosmic heart compact that Usagi got to help her transform into Sailor Moon, and the ring is just a simple gold coloured ring with Sailor Moon’s insignia on it.

I am so, so in love with this jewellery set. As I write this blog, I’m wearing the necklace now, and I’ve barely taken it off. I even wore it to my interview today to get a bit of extra luck from the Moon! It’s on a thick, gold chain with a strong clasp. The cosmic heart compact itself is quite weighty, and I can definitely tell when it’s on! It looks really great and is really shiny. It has three different coloured gems on it, and it’s really pretty.

I wore it yesterday for my #theputtogetherproject selfie. It complemented my outfit perfectly!
I wore it yesterday for my #theputtogetherproject selfie. It complemented my outfit perfectly!


The ring is really nice as well. It fits my ring finger on my right hand perfectly, although it does look a bit like a wedding band! My only niggle with it is Sailor Moon’s insignia is really pale on the ring and it’s quite hard to see. Other than that, it’s practically perfect!

2014-11-07 20.47.41
You can only about see the Sailor Moon insignia on the ring, but that might be due to my camera being crappy!

It came in a really nice box. It’s quite long, with the usual bright red padding inside, but the lid is so cute and I just can’t stop looking at it!

2014-11-06 16.36.59

My thanks again to the girls at Geek Chic Style Guide, I’m totally in love with this and will hopefully be taking some better pictures soon!

You can find them in the following places:


Instagram: geekchicstyleguide

Twitter: @TeamGeekChic

LookBook: GeekChicStyleGuide 


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