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5 Fandom Friday: Five Favourite Phone Apps!

Holy alliteration Batman! Thanks to Kristen of SuperSpaceChick and Megan of The Nerdy Girlie I’ve got another great themed blog for you this week as part of Five Fandom Friday!


It’s sad, but I’m addicted to my phone. I don’t even get that many texts or phone calls, but I’m always checking some social media or another, or playing games. I’m really bad for it! Without further ado, here are five of my most favourite apps…

1.) Instagram


When I got my new phone as part of my contract the other year, Instagram was one of the pre-loaded apps on it. I made an account, followed a few people, but I initially didn’t think much of it. A few months passed by, and one of my friends convinced me to start using it, and now I can’t stop! I upload pictures almost every day, and I’m always scrolling through my newsfeed and leaving comments on friend’s photos and liking cute animal pictures. My housemate Daryl and Boyfriend Wonder Iain don’t understand my obsession with Instagram, but I love being able to share my nerdy loves and goofy selfies with my followers! You can find a short photo stream on the sidebar here on my blog, or you can see my pictures under the username ariellalphabet.


2.) Task Hammer


I’ve talked about Task Hammer before (in this post) but I really can’t emphasise how good it is. It’s a combination to-do list/RPG, and awards you EXP on your character for every task you complete. Sure you can cheat it, but I never have! I’m pretty scatter-brained at the best of times, and so Task Hammer helps me collect my thoughts and prioritise on things that need to be done, whether it’s arrange to meet up with a friend or to do laundry. Such a fantastic app! To make things better, it’s free on Android as well!

3.) Twitter


I’m quite the avid Twitter-er. I will tweet at about all types of random stuff (things that have happened, weird dreams, thoughts on comics/films/TV shows/games etc) and having it on my phone only helps me to tweet about more random stuff on the go! I like being able to connect with my friends and followers on a regular basis, and as quite a lot of my IRL friends use Twitter as well, it’s super easy to share things I like with them…. Or just endlessly quote Mean Girls, like my best friend Lawrence and I did last week. So fetch!

4.) Piano Tiles

unnamed (1)

As I’m big on my video games, I absolutely had to have a game in my list! Piano Tiles is a super fun rhythm game where- you guessed it! You have to press the right keys on a scrolling piano to play the song. There are a ton of different modes and game types (including backwards and upside down, which are confusing!) and it’s endlessly addictive. Both my Daryl and Iain have this app too, and we’re always having little competitions to see who can get the highest score. I’m currently winning on classic arcade mode!

Joint 5) SHUgo and BBC Weather

unnamed (2)

Having to pick only five was quite a struggle! My first four picks were easy, but I couldn’t decide between my last two. SHUgo is my the app developed by my university and mostly contains quick links to important university things. It’s absolutely perfect if I’m on the go and not near a computer if I need to check when my classes are, or reserve books in my library. As for BBC Weather, I am notorious for either under-dressing or over-dressing for the weather, or not taking an umbrella out when it rains. My Grandma has been telling me for almost a year to get a weather app like this, and after one too many mishaps involving the rain, I finally caved and downloaded this one. It’s localised to my city, tells the temperature and is seven-days, so it’s great for what I need.



8 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday: Five Favourite Phone Apps!

  1. When I went to school I had a weather app on my phone and checked it before bed to plan my outfit (yes I planned my outfit the night before lol) and then in the morning in case I had to make any changes. It’s great but I hated when it was wrong lol



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