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Product Review: JINX World of Warcarft Horde Hoodie

While I was at MCM this year, I picked up some goodies for myself. As the cold weather is starting to seep in (especially here in Britain) I thought it was time to get some warmer clothes. I love zip-up hoodies, so when I passed by a JINX rep’s stall at MCM, I knew I had to buy something. As I’ve recently started playing World of Warcraft playing for the Horde, I just had to pick up the Horde hoodie! They only had the men’s hoodies on sale on the stall, so I took a dive and got it.


This is the hoodie I got! Because I went on the second day to pick it up, the smallest size I could get was a medium. That’s generally okay for me, as I like hoodies to be kinda baggy and have room for more layering, and this one definitely doesn’t disappoint! However, because it’s a men’s size hoodie, it’s pretty big on me, but that’s how I like it. It fits the Boyfriend-Wonder almost perfectly though!

Thanks to the Boyfriend-Wonder for agreeing to model for me! As you can see, it fits him perfectly.
Thanks to the Boyfriend-Wonder for agreeing to model for me! As you can see, it fits him perfectly. However, the lighting in my house leaves a lot to be desired.

It’s incredibly well-made. It’s very warm, very cozy and very soft. I haven’t washed it yet, so I’m unsure as to shrinkage, but it’s unlikely it’ll make much difference. The hoodie itself has some really, really cool stitched details on it, such as the big Horde insignia on the back, the small insignia on the front, and Horde stitched onto the hood. They’re all really secure, and the red really pops on the black hoodie. However, the logo on the back is a bit harder to see, and really requires the right light. That said, it still looks super cool, and from the back, it’s a great subtle reference.

Horde insignia on the back of the hoodie
Horde insignia on the back of the hoodie
2014-11-08 15.09.32
Small insignia on the front
2014-11-08 15.09.51
Hood detail
2014-11-08 15.10.04



The hoodie also has a really strong metal zipper, with a solid, metal charm. When it’s fully zipped up, it keeps me very warm. The hood is really cool too; it’s bright red (the same red as the small insignia) and has the map of Azaroth printed onto the material. It’s a big hood, and when I got caught in the rain the other day, it completely covered me. Last but not least, it has pockets! Superb pockets. There are three, two standard ones and a smaller, phone sized pocket inside one of the pockets. It also has slightly longer sleeves with thumb holes which keep your hands nice and warm.

While the price for the hoodie is quite high, it’s licensed merchandise, so you pay for that. I paid £50 straight up for it, but I saved out on delivery. I would absolutely buy more World of Warcraft JINX clothing, because they do a really big range for both men and women, at a fairly reasonable price. If the quality on all items is like it is on this hoodie, I will definitely be buying again!


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