5 Fandom Friday

5 Fandom Friday: 5 Albums That Made You Fall in Love with Music


I’m so glad to be back doing these posts! Thank you to The Nerdy Girlie (Megan) and Super Space Chick (Kristen) for putting it together and writing such awesome prompts.

This week’s prompt is an interesting one for me. Music has been a big part of my life for a very long time. If I’ve been sad, angry, or happy, I’ve found a song or an album to go along with it. My Dad’s music collection and epic hi-fi set-up have always been a constant, so I’ve never been far away from it. He has more CDs than anyone I know, and I wish he still had his amazing record collection. As I’m older, I feel I would have really appreciated it. As well as my love for comics, film, art and generally weird stuff, my love for music  stems from my Pops.

Back in the 80s, he was a punk (not that he’d ever admit it though) so music was always a big thing to him, and it’s something he’s passed down to me. We like some of the same bands, we both can (just about) play the guitar and it’s always been something we’ve shared. For my 10th birthday he got me my own CD player and 2 CDs (Independent Woman by Destiny’s Child, and No Angel by Dido) and pretty much kickstarted the music collector and lover in me. Since then, he upgraded me to a CD Player, amplifier and speaker separates, which made me listen to even more music! Since then, I’ve got about 100 CDs (and look to buy more!) which are hidden away in his attic, and I’m looking to collect records, once I buy a record player!

Even though I’ve moved away from home and don’t have my Dad’s awesome CD collection to inspire me to listen to something different, I still listen to loads of music. I never go anywhere without my phone and headphones for music, and I circulate the albums on there fairly regularly. YouTube is one of my favourite places to go to find new music, as well as getting recommendations from friends. My music taste has changed quite a lot through the years, and is pretty varied even now. One day I’ll be listening to Panic at the Disco and the best of emo/pop-punk, and the next I’ll be listening to Passenger and Frank Turner. It’s a bit of a mishmash really!

Anyway, without further ado; here’s a selection of some of the albums that made me fall in love with music.


One of the Boys by Katy Perry

I absolutely adore Katy Perry, and I loved when she first broke the music industry. I loved the pin-up, girl next door, bubblegum pop vibes she gave off, and One of the Boys is one of the albums I listened to on repeat, for weeks. My best friend Lawrence loves her just as much as I do, and we saw her live last year, and it was basically the best thing that ever happened.


From Under the Cork Tree by Fall Out Boy

I’m a huge Fall Out Boy nerd. When Dance, Dance came out, I was 14, often listened to Kerrang, wore black a lot, and was generally a bit of an emo (I wish I had pictures of that time!) but I fell completely and utterly in love with Dance, Dance. It was the perfect combination of thrashing guitars, sensual lyrics, and Patrick Stump’s perfect voice. Since then, I have an almost encylopaedic knowledge of their works, and will forever be in love with Patrick Stump. He’s so cute.


More Adventurous by Rilo Kiley

Rilo Kiley is one of the bands my Dad got me into, and I have a lot of memories of us driving around and singing the songs off More Adventurous and The Execution of All Things. It was Jenny Lewis’ band before she went solo, and her voice and songwriting is just beautiful. Rilo Kiley make superb indie pop-rock which is impossible not to tap your foot to.


Grace by Jeff Buckley

Ahh, Jeff Buckley. If only he hadn’t tragically died at 30. I have never known of a man to make more beautiful and mournful songs than Buckley. His voice just about brings me to tears, especially his rendition of Hallelujah, which he’s most famous for. That said, it’s not Hallelujah which is my favourite song of his; it’s the B-Side, Forget Her, which I love. Another musician that my Dad got me into, I listened to this album when I was a bit older (read: the last few years) and fell in love with it. Lilac Wine, anyone?


Born to Die/Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey

Technically I’m cheating by including both of these, but I don’t care. I have an unquestionable love for Lizzy Grant. Even though I know that, for the most part, Lana Del Rey is just a persona, I adore her music. It has a strong aesthetic, and the way her voice soulfully purrs through songs is superb. I started listening to her last year, and am anxiously awaiting her to go on tour.


Love, Ire and Song by Frank Turner

Frank Turner is the quintessential English folk-rock singer. His early albums are phenomenal, but especially Love, Ire and Song. It holds a special place in my heart, as between the ages of 17-19, Long Live the Queen is all what my friends and I would drunkenly sing at parties. Frank Turner is another one of those musicians who can dabble in all kinds of music and still do a pretty good job, but angry folk music is his best.

What are your favourite albums? Let me know in the comments below!


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