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5 Fandom Friday Catch Up: Five Black Friday Purchases I Would Sacrifice a Night of Sleep For


Black Friday and Cyber Monday were never really a big thing in England until this year. There was loads of footage on the news of people fighting over big screen TVs, little old ladies hitting people with their handbags (I’m making this up, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true!) and general chaos in every supermarket and electronic goods stores nationwide for a few days. However, it’s not just Black Friday; Boxing Day sales are the worst. One of the more upmarket fashion and homeware shops opens at 6AM (with workers having to be in at 5AM, those poor souls) on Boxing Day for their sales, which is little short of madness.

I don’t usually go out to the sales (Boxing Day or otherwise!) and I prefer to wait, or get stuff online. Call it a combination of laziness and unwillingness to go outside… Or straight up laziness. However, there are some things I would DEFINITELY sacrifice a night of sleep and maybe a broken nose for. Us Brits get feisty when there’s sales on!


1.) A big TV

Currently, Daryl, Iain and I have a tiny, 19 inch TV in our living room. It’s not great for playing multiplayer, unless you’re sat right up to the screen. It’s really not great for watching films or TV shows on, especially ones with subtitles. It’s the TV I used to have at home in my room, and it was great for that. In a big living room, for three video game nerds? Less good. Especially when one of those nerds has bad eyesight. So I would absolutely sacrifice a night of sleep to get a decent TV for us all, ideally at about 32 inches, so no-one has to squint when playing video games, and we don’t have to sit right in front of the screen to see things.


2.) A PS4

I know, I know. I already have an Xbox One. Well, Iain has an Xbox One, and I buy the games. However, Sony have a few exclusive titles which I really, really want to play! Stuff like the Kingdom Hearts remakes, Kingdom Hearts 3, The Last Of Us (although this may require a PS3, as I’m not certain on backwards compatability or the PS Store) and most importantly, Silent Hills. I love a) creepy games, and especially b) Silent Hill games. I picked up Silent Hill 2 way back when I was 16, and fell in love. I’ve fallen out of love a little bit in recent times (I don’t think that action horror works well for SH) but Silent Hills looks like a return to Survival Horror. Plus, who wouldn’t want both of the current-gen consoles?!

sweet geek gear
Some of my geek fashion wants at the minute!


3.) Some sweet geek gear

Because I don’t live in the US, a lot of the best geek fashion options cost a small fortune in shipping to the UK, and I’d have to wait for ages too! However, if I get some rad deals on shirts, jumpers and dresses, the wait would be well worth it.

Debenham's backpack

4.) A decent backpack

Don’t get me wrong, I have a backpack… But it’s getting on a bit. It’s ripped. There’s holes in it. It’s seen much, much better days. Buying a new rucksack has never been high up on my list though. When my satchel bust, I mourned its loss, and when I got paid, I replaced it straight away. I need a good strong backpack for conventions, class and travelling! I’ve been looking at loads of different ones online, and Black Friday would be one of the perfect times to pick up a new one. I really love this galaxy-themed one from Debenham’s.


5.) Boxsets

Boxsets. Sweet, sweet boxsets. Bored one evening? Stick a boxset on and enjoy your brain turning to mush. They can be quite pricy at other times of the year, so Black Friday/Boxing Day is the ideal time to pick up Star Wars and Indiana Jones boxsets.

What items would you sacrifice sleep for in the sales?


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