5 Fandom Friday

5 Fandom Friday Catch Up: My Next 5 Buys


This was a tricky prompt for me to do. The original prompt was 5 things I want Santa to bring me, and as it’s not December, Santa won’t be bringing me anything for quite some time! Also my birthday isn’t until December, so I won’t be getting anything anytime soon. Instead, I opted for the next things I plan on buying (that aren’t cookies, that is!) some of them are essentials, some of them are things for my house or for moving out, and some are just fun!

All items from newlook.com


1.) A dressing gown and slippers

As you have probably worked out through reading my blog, I’m quite the homebody. I rarely go out of my house unless it’s for my internship, class, or seeing my friends and family out of town. As my old dressing gown is extremely tatty (it’s about five or six years old, and boy, does it show!) and I don’t have any slippers, both of which are necessary items, I’m gonna treat myself and pick some new bits up.

Bless Ikea and their fab storage options!


2.) A bookcase and longboxes

This won’t necessarily be soon, and I’ll likely start looking when I’ve moved into my new place, wherever that may be. I have a ton of books, graphic novels and I NEED a good way to store and display them. The bookcase I currently have is totally packed to the gills, and I have stacks of books scattered throughout my house. It’s a book invasion! If you add into the equation my housemate’s book collection (which is pretty darn big!) and he stacks his books in the same way, we’re in dire need of good bookcases.

Longboxes are a whole other kettle of fish. Most of my comics are still in the big box I kept them in when I moved out, and I just never got around to taking them out and organising them. Given that some of them that weren’t in the boxgot damaged due to mould and damp in my house, I’ve been holding back doing anything with them until I move. Longboxes (well decorated, of course!) are the perfect storage for them, and I’d actually be able to work through my collection and read whenever I want.

Screenshot 2015-02-03 20.47.06

3.) Biker jacket

While I do have a leather jacket already, it’s not brilliant quality. I got it from Primark a few years ago (which is questionable on its own!) and while it’s okay for spring/early summer, I really want a proper biker-style jacket! Style icon/blogger Betty Felon has one, and she really rocks it. I love seeing all her outfits of the day on Instagram, and partially because of her awesome biker jacket that I want one too. Not only that, but I need something to show off my cool badges and pins!


4.) A coffee maker

Sweet, sweet coffee. I love you. While it’s true that I‘m more of a tea girl, I am a total sucker for those fancy coffees you can get in Starbucks and Costa. Lattes. Mochas. Cappucinos. God, I love them! My friend Lawrence has a Tassimo machine, and every time I go to his, I always try to talk him into making me a fancy coffee. It’d just be easier (and probably cheaper) to make fancy coffees at home, and it would make early mornings that little bit easier. Not only that, but one of my followers on Twitter recently sent me parcel which had this amazing vanilla caramel which I am just dying to try. The Boyfriend-Wonder is a big coffee fan too, so it’d be nice to have different drinks once in a while when we watch films.

This is just 10 selection from the Forbidden Planet International website. 10 out of 588!
This is just 10 selection from the Forbidden Planet International website. 10 out of 588!

5.) Pop! Vinyls

Valentine’s Day is coming up. While it’s a commercialised, totally ridiculous faux-holiday, I kinda like the sentiment behind it. I promised The Boyfriend-Wonder I would get him more cool desk trinkets, and Pop Vinyl figures are the perfect idea. I’m not 100% sure which Pop Vinyl to get (it’ll either be World of Warcraft or Mass Effect themed) but I know he’ll love it. I also plan on getting my best friend Gina a cute Adventure Time Pop Vinyl (hopefully a Lumpy Space Princess one, depending on what I can get hold of in time!) as a Galentine’s gift.

What are some of your next purchases?



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