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5 Fandom Friday Catch Up: 10 Films I’m Excited for This Year


Another adaptation of the original prompt, I feel like this was an easy choice to make- most anticipated films of 2015 from top Christmas films!

2015 is gonna be an AMAZING year for films. This is partially the film nerd in me talking, but I’m always excited for new films, be they big ol’ blockbusters or small indies. Since I’ll probably be volunteering at DocFest again this year, I hope to see a whole bunch of great docs. I missed a lot of good ones last year and I’m determined not to this year! I go to the cinema quite a lot (I work above one, so it’s unavoidable!) but it’s the perfect day out. Friend date? Go to the cinema. Date with the Boyfriend Wonder? Afternoon at the cinemas. What makes things even better is that there’s five cinemas in my city, ranging from independent venues to big multiplexes, and it’s the perfect place for a film nerd like me.

Without further ado, here are some of my most anticipated films of 2015!

1.) Jupiter Ascending

I’ve been excited for this film since last summer. I’m a big fan of the Wachowski siblings work, and I especially enjoy The Matrix trilogy. Jupiter Ascending looks to be big, bold, and beautiful, whilst still having the unique directing prowess and screenwriting well known from the duo. Also, it features Channing Tatum as a platinum blond badass, and who doesn’t want to see that?

2.) Avengers: Age of Ultron


This comes out near the Boyfriend Wonder’s birthday so I’ll probably not miss this! I LOVED the first Avengers film, and while a lot of the sequels have been hit and miss for me (I was not a fan of Iron Man 3) I’m super excited for Age of Ultron. I don’t understand why it’s called Age of Ultron (let’s face it, that storyline was a bit naff) or why they’ve jimmied around with some of the characters, but I’m still gonna see it, most likely in iMax 3D. Those Hulk fight scenes are gonna be incredible!

3.) Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

C’mon, it’s Star Wars! How could I not be excited for this?! I’m super excited to see what JJ Abrams does with the series (it’s one hell of a big pair of shoes he has to fill) and I’ve been intrigued by that trailer ever since I saw it. The Boyfriend-Wonder is a big Star Wars nerd too, so we’ll likely go see it on release. I’ll likely buy this awesome R2-D2 top for the occasion as well!

4.) Cinderella

As a kid, when I watched Disney films, I obsessed over them. I had a bunch of Disney and Pixar films on VHS which I would dutifully watch every day (apparently I watched Toy Story every day for 3 months!) and Cinderella is one of the films I obsessed over. I loved the story, the music, and the beautiful costumes. Based on the trailer, Cinderella is gonna be absolutely beautiful. Those glass slippers!

5.) The Lazarus Effect

I am all about horror films! My bro Robin of RobinBookerFilm shared the trailer with me a few weeks ago, and it’s been one of those trailers that just sticks with you. The dark settings. The gore. The threat. The moral vagueness. Sci-fi horror done well. Or so I’m hoping, anyway.

6.) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part Two


Mockingjay was my least favourite book out of the trilogy. It bored me, and I found it repetitive. Sure, there were some intense and sad moments, but it’d lost the appeal for me. Then I watched Mockingjay: Part One last year, and all my thoughts are changed (not just because of Natalie Dormer- honest!) The directing and acting is sharp, honest and a pretty faithful adaptation. I’m really excited to see how the story ends.

7.) The Stanford Prison Experiment

This is the ex-psychology student in me talking, but the Stanford Prison Experiment is one of the most fascinating (and ultimately terrifying) psychology experiments performed. How quickly do people conform to their labels in a faux-prison? That’s what Stanford was looking to replicate. I can see the film being an extremely hard watch in some places, but incredibly fascinating nonetheless.

8.) Turbo Kid

Post-apocalyptic games are totally my jam. I survived the Mojave Desert in New Vegas, kicked Caesar’s ass (because we should totally stab Caesar!) and made it through the Capitol Wasteland in Fallout 3. I love the Fallout games, and I’m hoping Turbo Kid will bridge the gap between Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4 whenever Bethesda decide to grace us with its presence. It may feel kinda dumb, but there’s nothing wrong with dumb action-horrors!

9.) Bloodsucking Bastards

Vampires! Fran Kranz! Office hilarity! What more can you ask for? This film looks absolutely hilarious, and the trailer makes me giggle.

10.) Trumbo

I hadn’t heard of this film prior to scouring IMDB for 2015, but it sounds damn interesting. Set in the 1940s, when the folk devil was Communism. Screenwriter Dalton Trumbo sees his career go down in flames as he’s accused of being a communist. With Bryan Cranston playing Trumbo himself, this should be a really interesting biopic. Also, it’s nice to get a film about a screenwriter for once!

What films are you looking forward to this year?



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