5 Fandom Friday

5 Fandom Friday Catch-Up: Blogging Resolutions


Sure, February is a kinda strange time to make resolutions. But, I disagree. What’s so special about the start of the year? You can start changing things whenever you want, it’s just down to motivation! I was actually planning on writing a post like this back in January, but sadly I wasn’t able to, due to class work.


1.) To not fall behind on posts

The 5 Fandom Friday posts are the perfect example of this. I fell really, really far behind on the link-up, and I got really annoyed at myself. I have a tendency to push myself too much and get tired quickly, and that happened a lot last year, forcing me to stop. However, I hope that it doesn’t happen again this year! I’m gonna try be a bit easier on myself and give myself more time to write and hopefully deliver good content!

Screenshot 2015-02-06 15.09.22

2.) Get a theme I like and stick to it

In all the time I’ve been blogging, I’ve never been able to stick to a theme. I can never find something I like. All the things I do like, other bloggers already use it, and I’d rather stand out and have a unique looking blog. Because of this, I swap things out and move things around all the time. I quite like my layout at the minute, but I want a good header image. And maybe a different background. I’ll probably do another overhaul in a few months time.


3.) Link up with more bloggers

I have come across so many amazing bloggers in the time I’ve been writing, and I’d love to link up with even more. Quite a few of my offline friends run blogs too, and I love discussing ideas and things with them. I’d love to be part of a big network of nerdy lady bloggers, and make some awesome new friends.



Image from Blown a Wish Photography blog

4.) Take better photo

I’m really bad at photography. I use my phone (mostly for Instagram) and I’m rarely happy with the quality of photos. I’ve been reading The Nerdy Girlie’s Coffee and Cameras posts (which are amazing!) and it’s helped a bit, but not much. I plan on using my digital camera more as the year gets going, as well as actually learning how to use the damn thing properly.


5.) Post about more different things!

Like my theme issue, I’ve never been able to settle on one certain thing to blog about. As a result of this, stuff on my blog has covered video games, comic books, my life stuff, fashion and everything in between. I’d rather keep my options wide open, as I might find something I really love writing about. I plan on including a few DIYs this year, as well as maybe a few retro comics posts. I definitely plan on writing more about video games as well!

What have your blogging resolutions been? How are they going?



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