5 Fandom Friday

5 Fandom Friday Catch Up: 5 Fandom Resolutions


Again, a bit late for resolutions, but what’s a month, in terms of resolutions? Usually by this time I’ve broken at least half of my resolutions and well on the way to slacking on the others. However, my fandom resolutions are a little bit different. They’re more fun than say, learning how to cook properly, or going to the gym.


1.) Cosplay more!

Last year, my bestie Gina and I cosplayed as Cecil and Carlos from Welcome to Night Vale for MCM London in October. It was quite a last minute effort for both of us (curse you Royal Mail and general forgetfulness) with me buying a skirt and clipboard literally the day before I travelled down to London. Since then, Gina and I have both been bitten by the cosplay bug! We’re big fans of dressing up general (we’ve dressed up in Japanese Lolita and steampunk many times in the past) and as we’re also big nerds, we’d like to make more of it. We haven’t quite decided on characters yet, but we still have plenty of time. Outside of mine and Gina’s plans, I’d also love to cosplay as Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service, and taking hints from The Nerdy Girlie, doing more everyday cosplay.


2.)Read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy

*sigh*. I tried. I borrowed the books from my Dad last summer, but never got further than about 200 pages, when the hobbits reached Rivendell. I wasn’t used to the writing style at all, despite having read The Hobbit a bunch of times. I’m determined to read all three of them this year, even if I stagger it out with other books.


3.) Play more video games

I’m a girl that loves her games. However, I’m a girl that is also very set in her ways. I’ve been meaning to play the Mass Effect series for more than two years, after many hints being dropped by the Boyfriend Wonder. I only just played and finished Fallout: New Vegas last year. The only time I play new games is when I go to Gina’s and we try to find co-op games.  I haven’t even breached the expansive ocean that is PC gaming, but now I have a pretty decent laptop, I have a lot of options. I’d maybe be interested in streaming games too…

I love this poster. I grabbed it for 50p in a comic shop a few years ago and fell in love!
I love this poster. I grabbed it for 50p in a comic shop a few years ago and fell in love!

4.) Display my art/commissions

In the many conventions I’ve been to, I’ve usually picked up posters, or postcards. In my old house, I just covered an entire wall with them, but I don’t have that option in my current house. I have a few things hung up on a door in the living room (the Cyanide and Happiness sketch comes down around genteel company!) but I still have tons of other stuff that I’d like to display. Also, there’s loads of other cool prints that I’d love to get (it’s my dream to get the Sailor Moon Bosozoku print from Babs Tarr!) and display. I’m hoping that my new house will have plenty of display options (and that my housemate and Boyfriend-Wonder don’t mind!) so I can make this a reality.


5.) Sort out my comics

At last count, I had 300ish comics. They are currently in no order, still in the box I moved house with. I have no longboxes to store them properly. Also, I’ve just gone off a lot of them. When I started out, I used to LOVE Fantastic Four, but I’m not that fussed any more. I’d consider putting them on eBay and keeping some as it might be a good way to make some funds before I move house too. If anyone has any advice about selling parts of their collection, please let me know!

So, what are your fandom resolutions?



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