5 Fandom Friday

Five Fandom Friday Catch Up: Five Conventions I Wish I Could Go To


Between the months of September-November is my convention season. Lincoln Asylum, Thought Bubble, Nottingham Nerd Fest, Lucky-Con, London MCM… It’s only a few months, but I cram as many cons in as I can! However, these are only a few cons, mostly a train journey away that are fairly small, friendly affairs. They’re great fun to go to, and it’s nice hanging out with blogging buddies.

That said, I would like to go to some bigger cons. I know the likelihood of me (and Gina, or the Boyfriend Wonder) jetting over to America/Canada in the next few years are very slim, but a girl can dream…


1.) BlizzCon

Okay, so I know I’m pretty new to the wonderful world of Blizzard games, but I fell in love with them, and I fell hard. I have put countless hours into Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls and am slowly gearing up my World of Warcraft character for raids. My friend Robin of RobinBookerFilm plays and watches Starcraft 2 religiously, so that’s never far away in conversation. The Boyfriend Wonder and I would love to go to BlizzCon for the announcements, the cosplays and the panels. I’ve watched a few of the cosplay parade videos in the past, and Blizz cosplayers are on a whole other level! BlizzCon just looks awesome, and it’d be the holiday of a lifetime for the Boyfriend Wonder and me.

NYCC2.) New York Comic Con

Like SDCC, only cooler. Because it’s in New York. NYCC is where all the BIG announcements are made. The coolest artists and writers go there and the cosplayers are always amazing! Plus, I know of a load of blogging buddies that go and it’d be fab to meet them face to face and get some classic NY pizza.


3.) MCM London in October

Okay, so I went last year with Gina, but we absolutely loved it! We had the best time while out there, so it’d be nice to go again- which we are trying to arrange for this year. The stalls were never-ending (if only my bankcard had a never-ending limit!) and I’d love to go again. Also, the guests are always amazing! At May MCM geek goddess herself Felicia Day is making an appearance, and I would give just about anything to meet her.


4.) SDCC

C’mon, it’s like nerd Mecca! The best of the best of cons. One of the biggest cons ever. It’d be incredible to go and to see all the comics and films announcements as and when they came out, rather than refreshing the news page of Comics Alliance every five minutes. Plus, it’s in sunny San Diego! I’ve never been to America, so it’d be a grand adventure.


5.) TCAF

I’d love to go to Canada. I’ve been wanting to go since I was a kid, and TCAF seems like one of the best conventions up there. The artists there are always awesome (including internet goddess albinwonderland) and it seems to have a really nice atmosphere. Plus I could spend a day or two just exploring Toronto and finding all the places from Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

What are 5 conventions you’d like to go?


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