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Five Fandom Friday Catch Up: Five Geeky Clothing Items I Need In My Wardrobe Immediately


I’ve been doing a bit of pre-spring cleaning recently, and have been purging my wardrobe. I’ve been absolutely ruthless, throwing out things I’ve since replaced, anything with holes, anything that doesn’t fit me any more, and things I don’t wear any more. I’ve been making weekly trips to charity shops to drop it off my things as I keep filling bags!. Because I’ve been purging, I need to replace things I’ve thrown out! What better things to pick than:


1.) Batman dress from Rebel Circus

Dresses are a very big part of my wardrobe, and this one is absolutely perfect! Worn with black opaque tights, I could wear it to work, wear it to class or even wear it out. It’s a really nice looking dress, and it’s not too pricy either. Given that I threw out my favourite dress that no longer fits me yesterday, this would be a perfect replacement. It’d be super easy to do a wardrobe cosplay too!


2.) Sailor Rebels, Tokyo Riders vest from Look Human

Look Human do the COOLEST tee designs out there. Everything comes in a huge range of shirt/vest/jumper styles and colours, and the degree of customisation you have is amazing. I have four of their designs saved in my bookmarks bar because I love them so much. This vest would be ideal for summer, and is super cute too!


3.) Xavier’s School Cardigan from HerUniverse

I am in desperate need of cardigans. I have about two that are actually wearable and am constantly on the lookout for more. Again, this is another thing I could easily wear to work (gotta love working in an office with minimal uniform regulations!) or to wear around the house, or out with my friends. The best thing about this cardigan by far is that it has pockets. Actual, legit pockets you could put a phone in. Not enough women’s clothing has pockets in!



4.) Kiki’s Delivery Service tee from Tee Fury

I’m so, so annoyed I missed this tee when it was on sale. Then again, it’s the mixed blessing of a site like Tee Fury- they have so many options, but if you miss something, it’s gone for good. I love the super cute design and colour of this tee, and it’s a super subtle reference. My housemate recently bought a ton of Pokémon tees from Tee Fury, and they’re damn good quality and look awesome. I only wish this tee went on sale again!


5.) Star Wars shoes from Vans

One of my friends at uni has a pair of these, and they are so cool! I love the design, and it sits really well on the shoe itself. I’m a big Star War fan, so I’d love to have these and wear them to go and see the new film. They’re not too expensive, and Vans are a good brand, so they’d be a good purchase.

What are some geeky items you want to buy?


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