100 Days of Being Geek Chic and Healthy

100 Days of Being Geek Chic & Healthy- Day One: Introduction!


I’m back! Okay, maybe not (I’ll be coming and going as uni deadlines come and go) for long, but I’m gonna try and ride out this project put together by the lovely Ariel over at the Nerdy Birdie. It first saw light as an almost pilot study done last year which I participated in for a while, then dropped. However, Ariel’s back with her idea and it’s bigger than ever and I’m more than excited to join in!

I’m doing the first 30 days of this challenge along with the 30 Day Minimalism Challenge I found on Tumblr (link here) and while I’ve bombed the first day (I just couldn’t stay offline all day. I was waiting on important messages!) it should make for an interesting combination.

Day One is all about introduction, so here’s a better chance to get to know me!


Name: Obviously, my name is Ari, short for Arianwen! Every time I type my full name online or in Word, the little red squiggly line comes up underneath it and I’m eternally convinced I’ve spelled my name wrong.

This flower crown was FABULOUS and I plan on buying it for summer.
This flower crown was FABULOUS and I plan on buying it for summer.

Age: I’m 22, just like the Taylor Swift song! I made the exact same joke on Twitter when it was my birthday and no, I have no shame.

Blog: My blog is Comics & Cookies! In later days, I’ve been less about the former part of my title, and more about everything else. I don’t want to limit myself, but I write about a lot of stuff… I obviously still love comics, but I find myself reading them less and less recently. I watch more TV and play more video games, so I’d like to reflect this more in my blog. That said, the name makes it tricky! I’d like to rename it (again!) but I’ve already paid for this year’s domain name and so forth… Maybe another time!

What made you interested in this project? Well, a lot of things. Like Ariel, I’ve been finding myself feeling constantly weary, and pretty rundown. I’ve been barely blogging this year (as you guys have noticed) and I’ve been looking for something to get myself back on board. As I graduate this summer and will begin job-hunting, I’m gonna need something I can turn to in order to get my fix of positivity and support- and what better than a blogging network, all writing about the same topics and how they deal with things? It’s perfect for me!

What do you geek about? What don’t I geek about! I’ve recently been marathon playing World of Warcraft and enjoying the hell out of it, as well as playing all my other usual games- I’ve become shamelessly addicted to Tsum Tsum on my phone (I’m ariellalphabet if you wanna add me!) and stuff here and there. I’ve been watching a lot of films lately, some a little out of my comfort zone- this is not just through my class work (although watching a two-and-a-half hour hella homoerotic silent film about pilots in WW2 is definitely out of my comfort zone) it’s through my novelty film selector. A while ago, I wrote down about 50 films I either wanted to watch or loved, through them in a jar, and when I get bored, I draw one out. I’ve ended up watching Heathers, Life After Beth and Beautiful Girls through this method, and I’ve fallen in love with all of them. As for TV shows, I’ve been marathoning Sons of Anarchy with the Boyfriend Wonder recently, and again, I’ve fallen deeply, deeply in love- even despite my favourite character dying in the season I’m currently watching, sob sob. As a film student, nerding out about films is essentially my bread and butter, and it’s my go-to nerd thing… Outside of video games that is!

What things do you geek out about? Let me know in the comments section!


3 thoughts on “100 Days of Being Geek Chic & Healthy- Day One: Introduction!

  1. Good to see you are joining in too, I didn’t realise that 100 Days ran last year too! Your film idea is genius by the way, I might have to try that. Can’t wait to see more posts.

    The 30 Day Minimalism Challenge sounds cool but I know I’ve failed already with any stay away from the internet or tv prompts haha.

    cuteek.com | all things cute and geeky

    1. It only for a short while sadly! It’s worked out really well, and saves me a good hour or so at night when I can’t decide what to watch!
      The Minimalism Challenge is a tricky one- I’m gonna have to plan my days based around the challenges because they’re SUPER specific.


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