Five Fandom Friday

Five Fandom Friday Catch Up: Five Books/Films/Games I’ve Bought But Not Used

11 I’m really, really bad at buying/downloading things and then never actually watching/playing reading them. Here are five examples!

1.) The Arkham Asylum games


I feel especially bad for this one, as I got the first two Arkham Asylum games as gifts! Back in 2013, my bestie Lawrence gave me the first one for my birthday, and then the Boyfriend-Wonder got me Arkham City. I’m still yet to play either of them, despite all the praise I’ve heard about the games! As I’m moving next month and will be without internet for an undisclosed period of time, I’m hoping I can sink my teeth into the games and see their awesomeness for myself.

2.) The Scream Trilogy boxset


I don’t even know what my excuse is on this one! I picked up this boxset on a mega-reduced price when HMV was going into liquidation (it came to £7.50 from £35!) and since then, I’ve watched the first two films. Not even any of the special features, which, let’s be honest, was my main reason for buying it. The Boyfriend-Wonder and I watched one film at some point last year, but I’ve barely touched it since. It’s currently on a shelf, sandwiched between A Picture of Dorian Grey and Fallout 3.

3.) Kathy Reichs books


Earlier this year and over the tail end of last year, I was extremely hooked on Bones, and by extension, I asked for the first book for Christmas off my Dad. I read it fairly quickly, and despite the (obvious) differences to the show, I quite enjoyed it. The Boyfriend-Wonder’s Mum is also a huge fan of Kathy Reichs, and after seeing me read the first one, offered to let me borrow the next six in the series. That was back in January. It’s now April, and I’ve not read a single one. Whoops!

4.) Heroes


When Heroes first started, I was absolutely HUGE on it. I adored it. I watched it every Tuesday at 9 with my Dad, and then we watched the behind-the-scenes special afterwards. I loved the storytelling, the modern style of superheroics, and the huge range of characters. A lot of my friends liked Heroes too, so I always had someone to talk to about it! I’ve got the first 3 seasons on DVD, and I’ve only watched the first one. For shame! I might do a full rewatch at some point with the Boyfriend-Wonder, but… Probably not!

5.) No Blues by Los Campesinos!


I bought this CD when my bestie Gina came to see me in Sheffield last summer, and I haven not listened to it. Not even once. I’m a huge fan of LC! but I just haven’t listened to this album, ever. I have no idea why. It just sits on my bookcase, along with my few other CDs. It’s a sad life.

What things have you bought but not used?

Thanks go to SuperSpaceChick & The Nerdy Girlie for coming up with this fab challenge! For more info, check Kristen’s blog out here.


2 thoughts on “Five Fandom Friday Catch Up: Five Books/Films/Games I’ve Bought But Not Used

  1. I heard Heroes was great, but I have never watched it. I’m a big geek when it comes to comic books and heroes, but it is on my to do list. Scream was real good the 1st two times, but not so much after that. Finally, you should be ashamed for not playing the Arkham games lol. I have played every one of them and have the new reserved already. Whenever you get a chance to play, you will absolutely love it.


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