Five Fandom Friday

Five Fandom Friday: Five Magical Items I’d Like to Own


Yay, it’s that time of the week! Five Fandom Friday! This is a super fun prompt, and I’m so glad Kristen and Megan thought of it. I’ve spent a large amount of my time watching magical girl animes, reading fantasy novels and playing RPG video games, so I had plenty of things to choose!

1.) The Clow/Star deck from Cardcaptor Sakura


I was absolutely HUGE on Cardcaptor Sakura when I was a kid. I’d race home from school  every day to watch it, and Sakura was pretty much my role model. She was strong, smart and sweet, and did whatever she could to help her friends. I thought her and Li were super cute too! Above all else, I loved the idea of the Clow cards. A dark of mysterious cards which held strong powers? Count me in! The Flower card would be great to rejuvenate myself if I’m feeling down, and the Fly card would definitely make it easier to travel. I really, really want my own proplica deck of Clow cards, and saw them at every other stall at MCM. I wish I’d picked one up!

2.) The transformation pens from Sailor Moon


First of all, how freaking cute is this pen? It’s darling! If I had a pen like this,I would use it all the time. Plus, it has two uses; 1, as run-of-the-mill pen, and 2, to transform its owner into a sailor scout! I’m just waiting for a Luna of my own to come and tell me I’m a sailor scout, so all I’d need next is the transformation pen…

3.) Remebrall from Harry Potter


I could really, really do with a Remebrall. My memory sometimes is just terrible. It’d be the perfect thing to put in my bag, and it would definitely help me keep more organised! Now excuse me while I go and watch Harry Potter! Also, what was that thing I was trying to remember?

4.) Celestial Brush from Okami


The Celestial Brush would be the perfect magical item to own throughout spring and summer. Want to make some flowers bloom? Just draw a circle around them! Want a breeze? Just draw it! The Celestial Brush is such a fantastic item as you can literally change the environment around as you choose. As spring is coming round the corner, it’d be the ideal accessory.

5.) Frostmourne, from World of Warcraft


To smite my enemies and tame Invincible. Duh.

What are five magical items you’d like to own?

For more info on Five Fandom Fridays, as hosted by SuperSpaceChick and The Nerdy Girlie, check out Kristen’s blog here.


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