5 Fandom Friday

Five Fandom Friday Catch Up: Five Characters I’d Name My Pets After


I come from a family of strange names, both pets and children. My middle names come from a Fleetwood Mac song and comic book character respectively. Our old dog Ruudie was named after a football player. My pet rats were called Amelie and Audrey, after the film. My brother is named after a Game of Thrones character. My cats are named after a song by Sufjan Stevens and the bassist from the EELs. No matter what pets I get, they’re probably gonna have pretty kooky names- after all, I have a pattern to maintain!

1.) Caleb

tattoo-design-male-name-caleb (9)

I vaguely remember there being a character in some cartoon about fairies (or something) called Caleb that I used to watch when I was younger, and I always remember loving the name. I think the character was a bit of a dick, but the name really stuck with me. I would probably call a dog Caleb, especially if it was a big dog!

2.) Luna, from Sailor Moon (or Harry Potter!)


I would absolutely call a cat/my future cat Luna after the Sailor Moon character. Luna is always smart and helpful, and always nice to Usagi and the rest of the sailor scouts. Close runner up is also Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, who is probably my favourite character from the books.

3.) Yuna, from Final Fantasy X & X-2


I’ve gone on and on about how much I love FFX, and it’s no surprise that Yuna has become one of my favourite names because of it. She’s brave, even in the face of danger, and the sweetest character in the games. I would probably call a bunny Yuna!

This one’s a real struggle for me. I’ve just read and watched and played so many things, but I’m completely drawing a blank.

What characters would you name your pets after?

Thanks to Megan of The Nerdy Girlie and Kristen of SuperSpaceChick for the prompt! Check out the full list on Kristen’s blog here.


8 thoughts on “Five Fandom Friday Catch Up: Five Characters I’d Name My Pets After

  1. I’ve got one cat named Thorin and one named Kattla (which is the evil dragon in a Swedish children’s book called Bröderna Lejonhjärta “The Brothers Lionheart”). The names of book characters make excellent pet names :D

    1. I completely agree! Kattla is a fantastic name for a cat. I remember a book I read years ago had two cats in it called Astrophe and Mandu, which I thought was brilliant!


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