100 Days of Being Geek Chic and Healthy

100 Days of Being Geek Chic & Healthy, Day Thirteen: Spring Cleaning Tips!



My cold/cough wiped me out yesterday so I didn’t get chance to write up yesterday’s post, whoops! Spring Cleaning tips are everywhere on the internet. Pinterest is chock full of them, and so is every other other DIY blog out there. While this is great, as you can find advice on how to clean that one super obscure item which is of questionable material, you have to be careful. Some cleaning products, when mixed together, can be hazardous and can be extremely dangerous to you. Make sure you read the instructions, and research things if you’re not sure.

Anyway, safety tips over- onto actual tips!

1.) The Flylady method


a variation on other cleaning, studying or procrastination techniques, the Flylady technique is very simple- set a timer for 15 minutes. Do the thing (study, wash the pots, whatever) until the timer finishes. Set another timer for 5 minutes, then do something else for that time. Rinse and repeat. This method was brought to my attention by Vikki from Cuteek, who mentioned it in a comment on my blog. To be honest- this method does not work for me. I find that by the time the first timer is up, I’ve got into the swing of whatever I’m doing, and don’t want to stop, or, I overrun on the five minute break. I’ve tried different times, but it just doesn’t work for me. I can see why it’s beneficial though, so that’s why I’m sharing it!

2.) Don’t be afraid to spend a long time cleaning!


This one comes from personal experience! I absent-mindedly decided I was gonna to a bit of spring cleaning, and tackle my bathroom, a rarely cleaned place in my house. In the end, I spent over three hours doing the damn thing, but boy, it sparkled! There are two things I learned that day; 1) It’s much to clean a small amount a week than doing one big clean every few months, and 2) if you want good results, you’ve got to put in time!

3.) Unfuck Your Habitat


This is a super, super genius app/website/tumblr/facebook page all rolled into one! It gives you advice on how to clean things, as well as when you should do them. For example, on the Tumblr page, they have daily reminders to make your bed (excuses are boring after all) and things to do before you go to bed at night, such as washing the pots, preparing coffee, and preparing tomorrow’s outfit. I think one of the best things about UFYH is the style it’s written in. There’s no poncey shit- it’s written direct and to the point. Every time I see the daily reminders, I always go and get shit done. There’s also a mobile app (available on Android and Apple store), which is essentially the website shrunk down which is super handy, but you do have to pay for it. However, the app has all the daily reminders, and advice on how to clean stuff.

4.) Take lots of breaks


It may seem better to just charge ahead and get it done, but you need to take breaks. Sometimes, it’s just so you can sit down after standing up for however long, and sometimes, it’s good to just get out of the way of cleaning products for a while. 10-15 minutes every hour works pretty well, and you can use that time to watch a cute video or make a cup of tea!

What are your spring cleaning tips?

For more information on 100DBGCH, check out Ariel’s blog.



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