5 Fandom Friday

Five Fandom Friday Catch Up: Five Favourite Snacks!


I am almost up to date with all the prompts! Just a few more to go! I love this prompt, mostly because I love food. I am almost always snacking on something. I’m the type of gal that always has sweet wrappers in her handbag (along with Halloween sequins, but that’s besides the point) because I’m always snacking. I’m a strong believer in taking ‘snacks for the road’ too. Heck, even as I sit here, I’m drinking tea and eating cookies! Here’s some of my favourite snacks!

1.) Tea

Any excuse to use a gif from The Addams Family!
Any excuse to use a gif from The Addams Family!

If you follow me on Twitter you know how much tea I drink. When I get up in the morning, one of the first things I do is boil the kettle for my first cup of tea of the day. Even when I go to a café or bar, I’ll always order tea to drink. I have two sugars and milk, and I tend to drink just normal, everyday teas. I want to like fruit teas, or chamomile, or green tea, but I just can’t. I don’t own a teapot (yet) but I’m determined to get one!

2.) Cookies

Basically me.
Basically me.

Was this one really surprising given my blog name? I love cookies! The best ones I’ve had are made in my university cafeteria. I can’t put my finger on what it is that makes them so good, but they just are. I use to bake Nutella cookies as my specialty, and I kinda miss them. They were perfect!

3.) Cupcakes


To me, cupcakes a luxurious little treat I get every now and then. I see them in supermarkets fairly regularly, but for the price, you could make them cheaper at home. I love the sugary sweet icing the best. In my college city, for a brief period, there was a cupcake shop open in the Waterside shopping centre that made a huge selection of cupcakes. The best thing about it was that by the time I’d finished my classes and was heading out, they were selling off their stock cheap at the end of the day- usually half price! Their best cupcakes were the Daim and Vimto ones. Vimto was weird, but somehow worked!

4.) Pink Lemonade


I have a massive, massive sweet tooth, as you can probably tell! I love lemonade, especially in the summer! Marks and Spencer do a really great brand, and while it’s not pink, it’s really refreshing on a hot day.

5.) Strawberries


Finally,  a healthy snack! I could honestly eat strawberries forever. I just cut the stalks off, dice them, and throw them in a bowl, or my lunchbox with an apple, or with yoghurt… Strawberries are really adaptable and taste great with pretty much anything, and they’ll finally be in season soon!

What are your favourite snacks?

Thanks to Kristen of SuperSpaceChick and Megan of The Nerdy Girlie for putting this challenge together! For more info on April’s prompts, check out Kristen’s blog here.


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