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Five Fandom Friday Catch Up: Fictional BFFs!


Before I get to know someone and be comfortable around them, I am really, painfully quiet and shy. I’ve always been this way, and I probably always will. However, there have been some people I’ve just *clicked* with almost instantly; for example, my best friend Gina and I got on so well when we met because we were stuck with the same dummy tutor for college classes, dresses the same kind of way and had a zero tolerance for bullshit from other people. That, and we were (still are!) big nerds.

This list is five people from fiction I think I’d click with just like my bestie!

1.) Wednesday Addams


Wednesday is from one of the coolest families ever, she lives in an awesome house, and she has great attitude. I feel Wednesday and I would connect on our shared hatred for things. That and our fondness for wearing black.

2.) Daria


We love pizza. We’re sarcastic to a fault. Daria and I would be those two girls you don’t dare cross out of respect for your hopes and dreams.

3.) Kimmy Schmidt


Wouldn’t it be great being besties with Kimmy Schmidt? She’d be your own cheerleader at any time of the day! It’d be totally awesome hanging out with her and introducing her to new world things.

4.) Princess Bubblegum


Her entire kingdom is made of candy! Plus she’s the sweetest, cutest princess in Ooo and I could hang out with Marceline too, although I’d try not to be a third wheel.

5.) Lisa Simpson


Lisa Simpson has been my role model for basically my entire life. She’s headstrong, brave, intelligent and cute to boot. Even though I’m more than double her age, I still think she’d inspire me to be the best that I can be.

Who are your fictional BFFs?

Thanks go to Kristen of SuperSpaceChick and Megan of The Nerdy Girlie for organising Five Fandom Friday! For more info on this month’s prompts, check out Kristen’s post here.


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