5 Fandom Friday

Five Fandom Friday Catch Up: One Item Styled 5 Ways


At this point, I’m enjoying flexing my skills at Polyvore. It may just be my new favourite thing. For the fandom item, I chose a super awesome Batman tee!

Look One: Class

For more about this set, see here.
For more about this set, see here.

I have worn pretty much this entire outfit to university many times! I have a strong love for high-waisted floofy skirts, and I love how they go with graphic tees. The best thing about putting this set together is I actually own and use that notebook! Polyvore really came through for me. This outfit is both nerdy and stylish, and perfect for a university student.

Look Two: Work

For more info on this set, see here.
For more info on this set, see here.

I promise I don’t wear black all the time! Just… Some of the time. Okay, most. Anyway, I work in an office with a fairly lax dress code, so I’ve got away with wearing this sort of thing. As I work with film I decided to include a little reel of film up in the top corner too!

Look three: Casual

For more info on this set, see here.
For more info on this set, see here.

The casual look. A classic among geeks. A minor variation on what I’m wearing right now. The best thing about graphic tees is that they literally go with anything. Skirts? You betcha. PJs? Of course. Jeans? Duh. This look combines cnerdy with comfy, and I think it works pretty well.

Look Four: Running Errands

For more info on this set, look here.
For more info on this set, look here.

You know how it is. You have to run into town to pick up that book, then send that thing at the post office, then swing by the supermarket to pick up milk… You’re running a bajillion errands, and you need a comfortable outfit to wear! I decided to go with jeans for this look, as they’re a bit more casual than skirts, and give you more freedom. I went with an awesome galaxy backpack and some super-duper good headphone for your personal soundtrack. Cowl and cape optional! 7

Look Five: Summer!

Screenshot 2015-04-17 22.15.59
For more info on this set, see here.

Can you tell I’m getting excited for summer? Haha this was another great outfit to put together. It’s casual, but still perfect for warmer weather. Everyone knows denim shorts and Converse go together, so I had to include it! I included a water bottle, which is probably one of the most important accessories to have in summer! It’s so easy to get dehydrated in summer, but you can fight it somewhat with a water bottle. Even better if it’s cute like this one! I usually carry a satchel around with me, but come summer, I prefer having something off my legs and equally balanced on my shoulders- hence the snazzy backpack!

Which of the outfits is your favourite?

Thanks to Kristen of SuperSpaceChick and Megan of The Nerdy Girlie for putting this together! For more info on April’s prompts, check out this post on Kristen’s blog.



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