100 Days of Being Geek Chic and Healthy

100 Days of Being Geek Chic & Healthy, Day Twenty Three: Morning Routine



My morning routine is awful. I am not afraid to admit that. I wake up at whatever time, pick up my phone, and lose an hour getting caught up on the internet. Then, I eventually get up, get washed and dressed, make my breakfast and a cup of tea- that is if I’m not going anywhere.

As you can tell, my morning routine is pretty terrible. With this challenge and the dawn of a new week, I plan on sorting it out! I plan on making the following changes:

1.) spend less time messing around around on my phone; the only important thing I need to check is my emails. Who cares what so and so is posting at 3AM? It’ll save my phone battery draining so quickly as well.

2.) If I have to be somewhere early in the morning, have breakfast before I go out. This is a real important one for me, s I I tend to skip breakfast the most, and at about 11 my mind starts going fuzzy and I can’t concentrate. I’d like to be able to work harder and longer until lunch time.

3.) Keep up my skincare routine! I’ve kind of started one with the goodies I got from Superdrug the other day, but I need to implement it fully, and not just blow it off if I’m feeling lazy and can’t be bothered.

4.) If I don’t have anywhere to be, still get up at a reasonable hour. Today is Sunday, and I didn’t roll out of bed until gone 12! I’m gonna be working on chores and stuff all day until I can do something fun.

5.) Linked to pretty much all of these- sort my sleeping pattern out! I tend to go to bed after 12, (sometimes MUCH later!) and then get up at 11 or later the next day. It won’t do, and I can’t concentrate at work or anywhere if I’ve only had a few hours of sleep.

What’s your morning routine like? Do you have any advice for me to help fix mine? Let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “100 Days of Being Geek Chic & Healthy, Day Twenty Three: Morning Routine

  1. I tell myself every day that tomorrow morning I will start getting up at 6, and going for a walk with my dog, blah blah blah….but I have yet to do any of those things! I am soooo not a morning person! I am very much like you on the weekends – during work days it’s rolling out of bed at the last possible moment, so I can get ready and get out to work! The only thing I never skip on is my skin care in the morning – I can skip makeup – but not this…just plop on my serum and moisturizer and off I go…I consider it my minute of heaven! lol Hoping both you and I find our morning routine, and soon!


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