100 Days of Being Geek Chic and Healthy

100 Days of Being Geek Chic & Healthy, Day Thirty Three: Favourite Junk Food



Today’s theme is one I can get behind especially because I ordered take-away last night  Because I freaking love food. I have the appetite of two people. It’s a good life. As a student, junk food and take-away is a part of life. Late night orders are the norm, and pretty much everywhere offers student discounts making it all the super cheap.

1.) Pizza


Pizza! Who doesn’t love pizza?! I’m usually pretty boring and just have a margherita, but I’ve been branching out recently. God, I love pizza. I could eat it for every meal in the day.

2.) Basically anything sweet


I have SUCH a sweet tooth. I eat any and all sweet things and absolutely love it. Apart from anything with coconut. Blech. Both the taste and the consistency I hate.

3.) Ice cream


I think we can all agree that Ben & Jerry’s is the best ice cream out there. Fact. My favourite is probably Phish Food or Chocolate Brownie… Again, my sweet tooth showing! I only ever have ice cream (or Ben& Jerry’s) as a treat to myself as it’s both expensive and extremely rich.

What’s your favourite junk food? What’s your favourite Ben & Jerry’s flavour?

Thanks to Ariel for the 100DBGCH challenge! Check out her blog for more info.



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