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Comfessions of a Bookworm


I saw this post over on North East Nerd earlier this week (or last week, I forget when) and as I’ve been a massive bookworm pretty much all my life, I have some pretty fab/hilarious confessions about my reading habits and book ownership that I just had to share.

1.) I LOVED Twilight when I was 13/14


I know, I know. It’s shameful. This is quite a while before the films came out!  But to be honest, I really enjoyed the writing style. I love the story of a girl falling in love with a vampire, and I loved all the changes to vampire lore. I bought the first book really cheap from HMV after reading an article about it in some teen girl magazine, and devoured it in no time. Then, when I was looking for the second book to read (but had no money to buy the damn thing) a very strange thing happened.

When I was at school, I was one of the unpopular kids. Bullied, ignored, the like. I had quite a few friends, and they were all basically in the same boat. I mentioned that I was reading Twilight to one of my friends and wanted to read the second one… And they ended up asking one of the Popular Girls who was also a fan if I could borrow New Moon. You know what? She said yes, as well. We had a few conversations about Twilight, and who we preferred, which was nice. After I read the book (in two and a half days, mostly in class) and I returned it, we never spoke again, but we had an understanding of each other. It was a strange week.

To me, Edward and Bella’s relationship was pretty weird (I remember being weirded out by his whole “watch you while you sleep” thing) but I loved the long descriptions, and how beautiful everyone was. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t kind of want to re-read them now I’ve mentioned them again. Also, fun fact- when the first film came out, I dragged my old housemate Robin of RobinBookerFilm/ReviewReportReveal to go see it with me. He was not best pleased, but he dragged me to the comic shop afterwards, and I was thoroughly bored. This being before I got into comics, of course!

2.) I used to take books from my school library and replace them with my own


This sounds a lot worse than it actually is! I spent a lot of time in the library throughout secondary school, so I got to know our librarian, Mrs Charlesworth, a fairly friendly older lady who wore a lot of black and was one idiot kid away from turning into a dragon. A few of the other kids at my school would take over for Mrs Charlesworth from time to time at lunch, and I got to know them as well. They were all pretty awesome, and we used to talk about books and what we were reading.

Anyway, there was this one book that I really, really, really liked. It was part of a supernatural-witchcraft YA series that I loved. The series itself had about 15 books in it, and between my school library and my town library had about 10 of them, so I never actually read the whole thing. I started getting some of the books myself, starting with the one in my school library. I took it home ‘lost’ it, then told my librarian, and offered a selection books from my own personal library. She seemed happy with it, and I got the book I wanted, and the library got more books total. Everyone won!

3.) My Dad and I have a Book Cupboard of Doom

Think this, but less organised and smaller.
Think this, but less organised and smaller.

My love of books comes from my Dad. He’s read just about every classic sci-fi going, as well as endless TV tie-ins, horrors, books on science, recipe books, Star Trek books… The list goes on and on. The only downside to my Dad raising a massive bookworm in a small 2-bed house is that there was no room for storage for said books. We had endless problems with our main living room’s plaster, so that entire room was out of commission for most of the time I lived there.

In my Dad’s room, there was a cupboard, which was intended to be used as a walk-in wardrobe kind of deal. Instead, my Dad and I filled it with boxes and boxes of our books, comics and my schoolwork. Even now, after I’m moved, the cupboard still looks the same. The title “Book Cupboard of Doom” comes from a tendency of mine & my Dad’s to be overdramatic about trivial things. I think it fits.

As an added bonus, we even have bookshelves in the bathroom, where my Dad keeps his graphic novels.

4.) I’ve probably read Harry Potter over 10 times


Is this really surprising? Hermione and Luna were two of my childhood heroes, and I used to compulsively read re-read the Harry Potter books. Prisoner of Azkaban was always my favourite, closely followed by Order of the Phoenix. I used to sit and spend my summers sitting on my doorstep, fussing the friendly neighbourhood cats and reading Harry Potter, along with plenty of sweets on hand.

Oddly enough, I’ve not seen all the films. I’ve seen 1-4, and then 6.2 was screened for my university class. I plan on doing a marathon of them all… One day.

5.) I nearly always INSIST on reading the book before watching the film


It’s pretty bad, to be honest. 9 times out of 10 I’m pretty disappointed. I think all of the adaptations I’ve seen on the big screen in the last few years I’ve made a point of reading the book first (examples that come to mind are The Great Gatsby. The Hunger Games & The Rum Diaries) and then seeing it. It comes part and parcel with being both a film nerd and a book nerd, I think. I like watching adaptations though, as I find it really interesting to see how different creative minds interpret parts of my favourite books and bring them to the big screen. One of my favourite examples of this is Baz Lurhman’s Great Gatsby. I know the film is essentially “pretty and stupid” but hey- it’s a damn pretty film and I think the visuals really create and craft the environment and flapper culture and the 1920s affluence that F. Scott Fitzgerald was going for. I also think the musical choice is superb, bringing a modern audience to the subcultures and environment of the time. Also, that cover of Back to Black by Beyoncé and Andre 3000 is freaking insane and soulful and I love it.

What do you think to my confessions? What are some of yours? Either let me know in the comments or write your own blog and hit me up!

Thanks to Fiona of North East Nerd for putting this challenge together and making me reveal some embarrassing things!


4 thoughts on “Comfessions of a Bookworm

  1. I love these! I wish I had a cupboard full of books, mine are jammed on to shelves and my dad (also a sci-fi nerd bookworm, but mainly Pratchett) keeps them in his wardrobe. Who needs clothes, right? I always want to read the book then watch the film, I’ve done it loads too and I’m always picturing how books would be interpretted in to film too. I love being a book & film nerd

    Thanks for your confessions, they are awesome!

  2. I ALWAYS have to read the book before seeing a movie! Sometimes I’ll see a movie not knowing it was a book, and I’m always so aggravated when I find out! I tend to be disappointed with adaptations as well. I love films, but they just can not capture the richness of a book.

    1. Yeah a lot of the times I tend to get disappointed by adaptations. I agree they rarely capture the magic and richness. They try though, and that’s something!


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