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100 Days of Being Geek Chic & Healthy, Day Thirty Six: Fashion Inspiration



My fashion inspiration comes from a lot of places. I get inspiration for outfits and my fashion from all over. Bloggers, actors, comic book characters, my friends… Inspiration comes from all over. Here’s a (small) list of the bloggers, actors and other people who I get inspiration from!

1.) Dita Von Teese


Burlesque and vintage queen extra-ordinaire, Ms. Dita Von Teese! I’ve been a fan of her look and her work for years (I will one day own some of her Von Follies lingerie) and I always admire how well put together and beautiful she looks. In all the pictures and performances I’ve seen, she’s never looked nothing less than stunning and beautiful. I try to bring in the vintage, pin-up look through my make-up and through dresses & skirts.

2.) Felicia Day


What nerd girl’s fashion inspiration would be complete without Felicia Day? She bridges the gap between cute, nerdy and professional throughout all of her works (she wore a kickass Rat Queens tee on Supernatural recently!) and as a fellow (albeit fake) redehad, she’s been one of my style icons for several years.

3.) Bloggers!

A lot of my close friends and people I’ve met through Twitter are some of the most fashionable people I’ve ever met, and I always love looking at their outfit of the day posts. While they have fairly different styles and outfits, I still love to see them.

Betty Felon


Legit magical girl Betty Felon is known on the interwebs for writing for Comics Alliance and being one of the best dressed ladies out there! She combines geeky with girly with ease and looks incredible. See more pics on her Instagram!

Spiked Black Tee


I know Dani of Spiked Black Tee through some of my friends, and I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt she rocks the gothy witchy look with ease. She’s downright beautiful, dedicated to cruelty free beauty and she’s a huge video game nerd! You can see more of her pics on her Instagram!

Kelly of Adventures of a Riot Grrrl


How freaking beautiful is Kelly?! She absolutely rocks the vintage look and has the best accessories. Her blog is combination of films, feminism & fashion which is a-ok by me! I love Kelly’s OOTD posts as they’re always super creative. You can see more on her Instagram!

This ended up being me talking about some of my favourite fashion bloggers, haha. Who are some of your favourites? Who’s style do you love?

For more on 100DBGCH, check out Ariel’s blog.



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