100 Days of Being Geek Chic and Healthy · Fashion

100 Days of Being Geek Chic & Healthy, Day Forty One: Nails



I fell behind on this one for no reason other than I’m lazy. Painting my nails is a pain in the ass, and I don’t do it all that often. I tend to go with either classic reds or my favourite colour, purple… Especially with glitter! Instead of spending an hour and a half painting my damn nails and smudging it all over the damn place, I instead decided to share some of my favourite manicures and nail arts I’ve seen from around the internet.

Li’l Pikachus! So cute!


I’m not sure how you’d do anything with this manicure, but it’s so damn pretty!







How awesome are these? I wish I had the patience and still hands to be able to do them myself.

Which one’s your favourite?

For more on 100DBGCH, check out Ariel’s blog!



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